Jeanneau 64 For Sale and Jeanneau 64 Yachts – Review, Specs

Jeanneau 64 For Sale and Jeanneau 64 Yachts For Sale – Jeanneau 64 Review and Specs latest status. A high -level sailboat yacht for both long -distance course and for an ordinary fishing day.

It was first introduced in 2011 and since then it has become a popular choice among sailors because of its wide and comfortable accommodation and impressive performance in waters. Jeanneau 64 Boats For Sale is produced by Jeanneau, a French company that has been producing sailboats and power boats for a while around 70 years.

Jeanneau 64 For Sale – Jeanneau 64 Boats For Sale

Jeanneau 64 Price In terms of performance, the is designed to be fast and responsive on the water. It has a hull and deck that are optimized for performance sailing and is equipped with a range of modern sail-handling systems to make sailing easier and more efficient.

The yacht is also powered by a Yanmar engine, which provides reliable propulsion when under power. The Jeanneau 64 is designed to be easy to handle and sail, with a simple and intuitive control system that allows even inexperienced sailors to confidently navigate the vessel.

The Jeanneau 64 is a versatile yacht that is suitable for both cruising and racing. It has won numerous awards in its class, and has received positive reviews for its comfort, safety, and sailing ability. Some reviewers have noted that the Jeanneau 64 has a responsive and agile feel on the water, and is well-suited to both short – handed and fully crewed sailing.

Jeanneau 64 Boats For Sale – Jeanneau 64 Review and Specs – 2023 / One of the standout features of the Jeanneau 64 is its large, open-plan cockpit, which provides plenty of space for crew members to move around and interact with each other while underway.

The cockpit is also equipped with a number of features to make sailing more enjoyable and convenient, such as comfortable seating, a well-placed steering wheel, and a variety of control lines and sheets.

The cockpit is also protected by a hardtop bimini, which provides shade and shelter from the elements, making it an ideal spot for relaxing and socializing during long voyages.

Jeanneau 64 Review and Specs

Jeanneau 64 Review The maximum and minimum speeds of the Jeanneau 64 yacht will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of engines that are installed on the yacht, the condition of the hull and propellers, the weight of the yacht, and the sea conditions in which In general, sailing yachts like the Jeanneau 64 are not designed to go as fast as motor yachts, and the maximum speed of the Jeanneau 64 is likely to be around 12-16 knots (14-18 mph).

The minimum speed will depend on the power of the engines and the ability of the yacht to maintain headway, but is likely to be around 3-5 knots (3.5-5.75 mph). It’s important to note that these estimates are rough, and the actual speed of the Jeanneau 64 may vary significantly depending on the specific conditions in which it is operating.

The Jeanneau 64 is a luxury sailing yacht with a fuel capacity of approximately 601 liters (159 gallons). This amount of fuel is enough to allow the yacht to travel long distances without needing to refuel, but will vary depending on factors such as the speed at which the yacht is traveling, the efficiency of its engines, and the size of its fuel tanks.

It’s important to carefully monitor the fuel levels on any vessel to ensure that you have enough fuel to reach your destination and to avoid running out of fuel while at sea.

It is a large yacht, with a length of 64 feet (19.6 meters) and a beam (width) of 16.7 feet (5.05 meters). The Jeanneau 64 has a sleek and modern design, with a spacious interior and plenty of room for entertaining and relaxation.

It is built with high-quality materials and is known for its excellent performance and handling on the water. The Jeanneau 64 can accommodate up to 10 people in its four or five staterooms, depending on the layout. It is a popular choice for both cruising and racing, and has won numerous awards in its class.

Jeanneau 64 For Sale

Jeanneau 64 For Sale starts at $750,000 and $1,520,000 on our price list.

Jeanneau 64 stands out as one of the ideal choices to fascinate you and take you on an adventure. It is sold a lot in the Americas and Europe. We think that you will meet frequently on the open seas and beaches, and we add this sweet model to our list.

If you want to buy Jeanneau 64, it will maximize your standards for pleasure at sea, for vacation or for daily trips. We will search and find the most suitable and clean advertisement for you.
You can reach us by sending an e-mail.

Jeanneau 64 Interior

Jeanneau 64 Interior and Jeanneau 64 Layout as follows In addition to its sleeping quarters, the Jeanneau 64 also has a number of features that make life on board more enjoyable, such as air conditioning, a water maker, and a generator to provide power when away from the dock.

The yacht also has a large, open-plan salon that is perfect for relaxing and socializing, with comfortable seating, a dining table, and a well-stocked bar. The salon is also equipped with an entertainment system, including a TV and a sound system, to keep everyone entertained during long voyages. Jeanneau 64 For Sale.

When it comes to accommodations, the Jeanneau 64 has a number of comfortable cabins and heads (bathrooms) to choose from. The yacht can sleep up to in its four cabins, which are located below deck and are outfitted with comfortable beds, ample storage space, and private heads.

The forward cabin features a queen-sized bed and en suite head, while the three aft cabins each have a double bed and share a head. All of the cabins are spacious and well-ventilated, with plenty of natural light and large windows to enjoy the views.

The galley, or kitchen, is located just aft of the salon and is well-equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and plenty of storage space. It has a modern and functional design, with plenty of counter space and a large sink.

The Jeanneau 64 for Sale also has a separate navigation station, located just aft of the galley, that is equipped with a chart table and all of the necessary electronics and instruments for navigation.

In addition to its spacious cockpit, the Jeanneau 64 also boasts a well-equipped galley, which is located just below deck and is outfitted with all the necessary appliances and storage space to prepare meals for the crew.

The galley is also designed to be functional and efficient, with a layout that allows the chef to easily move around and access all of the necessary tools and equipment. The galley is equipped with a propane stove and oven, a large refrigerator and freezer, and a double sink with hot and cold running water.

There is also plenty of counter space and storage for pots, pans, dishes, and other cooking essentials. Jeanneau 64 Boats For Sale – Jeanneau 64 Review and Specs next time.

Jeanneau 64 Options – Technical Details

Jeanneau 64 Options and Technical Details is as follows

LOA20.10m/65ft 11in
LWL18.00m/59ft 1in
Beam (Max)5.40m/17ft 9in
Draught2.95m 9ft 8in
Disp (Lightship)31,000kg/68,343lb
Sail Area(100% foretriangle) 204.1m2/2,197ft2
Engine180hp Volvo shaftdrive
Sail Area Disp21.0
Disp LWL148
Jeanneau 64 Boats for Sale

We tried to explain the issues such as Jeanneau 64 Price and Jeanneau 64 Review in the best and clearest way. Our content below is similar to our Jeanneau 64 For Sale content.

Jeanneau 64 Price

Jeanneau 64 Prices varies between $ 750,000 and $ 1,520,000. Just as you are looking for a jeanneau in terms of design and hardware, prices vary accordingly.

However, prices are not fixed, it is open to bargaining. It makes us happy to rejoice our valued customers.

2018 Jeanneau 64 For Sale

2018 Jeanneau 64 for Sale Specifications, Specs, Contact Information and All Details Below.

jeanneau 64 for salePin
2018 Jeanneau 64 For Sale


Length Overall64′
Draft9.66′ (Max)
Hull MaterialFiberglass


Engine MakeVolvo
Engine Year2018

2018 Jeanneau 64 For Sale contact information:

Jeanneau 64 Brochure

You were wondering about Jeanneau 64 Brochures. We left a picture below. You can review from there.

jeanneau 64 for salePin
Jeanneau 64 For Sale – Jeanneau 64 Brochure

Jeanneau 64 Layout

Jeanneau 64 Layout specs and all details below.

  • Cockpit: Closed aft cockpit
  • Cabin(s) (min./max.): 3 / 6
  • Berth(s) (min./max.): 6 / 14
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 264.2 gal1000 liters
  • Holding tank capacity: 69.7 gal264 liters
  • Fridge/ice-box capacity: 95.1 gal360 liters
  • Boiler capacity: 21.1 gal80 liters

Jeanneau 64 Video

I leave the Jeanneau 64 video piece down. You can have an idea by watching this video. I’m sure you can be satisfied enough.

Jeanneau Yachts

You can ask all your questions about Jeanneau Yachts in the comments. So we will try to give you the most accurate answer. Please have no doubts. Jeanneau nc 895 for sale, jeanneau sun fast 3200, jeanneau nc 1095 and jeanneau sun odyssey 54ds power boats next time. Follow me please my friends.

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Does Jeanneau make good boats?

They are stylish and elegant, yet practical and comfortable. According to online reviews, the handling is smooth and performance is strong, but naturally, the best way to experience this is to schedule a water test (formerly known as Sea Trials) with the local Jeanneau dealer, Number One Boat Sales.

Is Jeanneau a blue water boat?

The Jeanneau Yachts 65 wins British Yachting Awards bluewater cruising yacht of the year! The flagship Jeanneau Yachts 65 has won the ‘bluewater cruising yacht’ award in the British Yachting Awards 2023! This is one of the most sought-after awards in the industry, and is always fiercely contested.

Are Beneteau and Jeanneau the same?

Jeanneau specializes in monohulls, but it created a specialist multihull line, Lagoon catamarans. Jeanneau (and Lagoon) became part of Groupe Beneteau in 1995.

Is Jeanneau better than Beneteau?

Jeanneau is considered to have better overall build quality than Beneteau. This is because Jeanneau pays close attention to detail and has a higher standard for the materials they use in their boats.

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