N-One NPad X Tablet with Android 13 for €170: an insider tip?

N-One NPad X Tablet Review: The tablet market fluctuates up and down, and no Android manufacturer has yet completely convinced, although there was a glimmer of hope again with the Google Pixel tablet. But something is also happening in China: The still relatively unknown manufacturer N-One is now pushing the N-One NPad X after the NPad Pro . Even with Android 13! An insider tip?

N-One NPad X Tablet Review & Specs

  • Specifications of the N-One NPad X
N-One NPad X
screen10.95″ 60Hz LCD, 2000x1200p,
processorMediaTek Helio G99 @ 2.2GHz
graphics chipARM Mali G57
random access memory8GB LPDDR4
Internal memory128GB
main camera20MP + 0.3MP
front camera8MP
battery pack8600mAh
18W Charging (CN)
connectivityBluetooth, ac WiFi, USB-C, microSD slot, LTE, GPS
featuresWidevine Level 1 (unconfirmed)
operating systemAndroid 13
dimensions / weight258 x 162 x 7.6mm / 470g
N-One NPad X Tablet

Processing is still expandable

The tablet measures 10.95″ diagonally, with the screen edges being modern and slim. It measures 258 x 162.7 x 7.6 mm and weighs 470g, which is almost identical to a current 10th generation iPad. Visually, it is kept in a color tone with two shades of gray.

The camera module on the back sticks out a bit and the camera ring is unnecessarily large, the actual sensor only takes up about 20% of the ring. Otherwise, only the N-One logo and the serial number can be found on the back, the “CE mark” has passed with the attached sticker. This can cause problems when importing.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
That will not do.. / N-One NPad X Tablet

We actually thought those days were over, but the NPad X’s build reminds me of the plastic bomber finish of previous China gadgets. The gap between the screen and the housing frame is sometimes so open that a fingernail fits between them. So the display doesn’t sit all the way in and you can “push it in” with little pressure.

But the edge of the case is also too sharp-edged for my taste, which unfortunately makes the tablet uncomfortable to hold. A case would solve the problem, but unlike some other Chinese manufacturers, none is included in the scope of delivery.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

Average screen

The screen is an almost 11″ IPS touchscreen display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels . This results in a pixel density of 213 ppi, an average sharpness at best. At first glance it doesn’t bother you, but at second glance the app icons, e.g. when starting the app, are simply blurred. The pre-installed – and only – screen background should also be sharper. The same applies to the brightness, which is also average at best. Even indoors, I have to turn on 75% of the maximum setting to keep the screen from being too reflective.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

Unfortunately, neither an AMOLED panel nor a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz is implemented. The Android 13 operating system remains almost completely untouched, so there are hardly any setting options for the screen. At least there is a dark mode and there are also minimal adjustments for the lock screen, apart from that you can only set the font and display size. If you had at least installed a 90 Hz panel here, you could be able to keep up with the Redmi Pad, which is about the same price, and which has such a clear advantage.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

Android 13: the biggest advantage of the N-One NPad X?

But Android 13 is good news, especially for a Chinese tablet in this price range. There probably won’t be any updates, but you’re equipped with reasonably up-to-date equipment. The Android security patch is still from March 2023, when the tablet was introduced. The operating system is “at least” pure stock Android, the manufacturer has not made any adjustments here. The positive thing is that there is no bloatware, i.e. unwanted third-party software. All relevant Google services are available and the Play Store is certified. The optics are clean and there are no other icon packs or the like.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

The operating system is not optimized for that either. This is noticeable in the performance and battery life. However, Widevine Level 1 is also missing, so that you cannot watch video streaming content on Netflix or Amazon Prime in Full HD. This is particularly annoying considering the N-One Npad Pro comes with Widevine Level 1.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

It is practical that there is a dock at the bottom of the screen, in which you can place apps, albeit a bit complicated. There is space for a maximum of six apps, since the three Android navigation keys are also located next to them. They’re always there, except when playing a video in full screen mode. However, a swipe from below shows this bar again.

Even with LTE & memory expansion

The volume rocker, power button, USB-C port and a hybrid SIM slot are in the housing frame. There is no jack connection, but there are four loudspeakers. The speakers are not particularly good, but they are significantly better than in the Chuwi HiPad Max. They are definitely not suitable for listening to music, I think they are fine for YouTube videos or Netflix series. The volume is high, but the speakers overdrive at over 80% volume. The biggest shortcoming here is that the sound overall sounds “indirect”, as if you were standing in the same room but a few meters away from the playback device.

In contrast to a Xiaomi Pad or an iPad, the NPad X is not stingy with connections. Memory expansion and LTE are possible thanks to the hybrid SIM slot, even LTE Band 20 is part of the game. There is also dual band ac-WiFi for local internet, as well as Bluetooth 5, GPS and OTG. LTE works perfectly with a test card in the D network. When you consider that the surcharge for the cellular (LTE) version of a current iPad is €200 (!!!), that’s a real advantage.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

The back houses a 20 MP camera + 0.3 MP depth sensor, and there is an 8 MP selfie cam on the front. Unfortunately, the cameras are among the worst I’ve seen in a cell phone or tablet this year. The results have a strong bluish tint, are underexposed, lack sharpness and details, and the shutter release takes so long that a snapshot often fails.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

How good is the performance of the N-One NPad X tablet?

The performance results from the Mediatek Helio G99 octa-core processor , which works together with the Mali-G57 GPU. The chip was manufactured using the relatively efficient 6 nm process and was only presented in summer 2022. The clock frequency is a maximum of 2.2 GHz and the chip is accompanied by 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB of UFS storage, which can be expanded using a microSD card.

A thorn in my side is N-One’s advertising tactic, which promises up to 16 GB of RAM here, since you can use up to 8 GB of the mass storage as additional RAM in the form of a cache. However, UFS memory is significantly slower than flash memory, so you cannot get an equivalent replacement here.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
N-One NPad X Tablet

The performance of the N-One NPad X is absolutely average. In some cases, 60 Hz is now almost unfamiliar, although it was the absolute standard until recently. The actual performance is sufficient, which is noticeable in games like Asphalt 9, for example, which runs smoothly.

The response time in everyday use is okay, but starting and closing apps takes a little longer than with a Xiaomi Pad 5, for example. AI features like background blur within the Photos app takes just under 3 seconds to edit a photo. The N-One NPad X is not suitable for regular creative tasks such as image, music or video editing.

N-One NPad X TabletPin
Even demanding games run relatively smoothly. / N-One NPad X Tablet

The 8600 mAh battery can be recharged with a maximum of 18W via the USB-C port on the bottom. Unfortunately, this is a bit slow and takes several hours to load. The supplied charger is at least a USB-C charger with a suitable cable and EU plug.

N-One NPad X: an insider tip?

A large display, sufficient performance, Android 13, LTE and memory expansion speak for the N-One NPad X tablet. As a fairly new manufacturer on the market, you can theoretically position yourself well. However, the competition from China tablets is also strong and the N-One NPad makes too many mistakes for an insider tip.

With an even more powerful processor or a 90 Hz display, you could have placed yourself even better compared to the Redmi Pad. In addition, there is the missing Widevine Level 1, which means that it is not suitable as a media tablet. The workmanship is also just not good enough.

For less than €200, the tablet is interesting in terms of price, but for the reasons mentioned, I would rather recommend a realme Pad or Redmi Pad . You also have to contend with many disadvantages such as slow performance and little memory, but you still get Netflix streaming. Personally, I would think about how long and what I would use a tablet for and would rather spend more money to invest in a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite or even Xiaomi Pad 5/6.

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