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The Bubble Room Captiva

The Bubble Room Captiva reopened as Captiva Island’s beloved Shop ahead of the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Ian. This is the second of two iconic restaurant properties to come back online following the devastating storm on September 28, 2022. Bubble Room is one of Captiva’s greatest assets. It is a place filled with photographs from the Golden Age of Hollywood and a deep sense of nostalgia. Many people know how big and comfortable it is.

The Bubble Room Photos

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Bubble Room Restaurant

Bubble Room Restaurant opened in 1979 and is one of the oldest venues in the region. This luxury place, opened by Katie & Jamie Farquharson couple, was initially a boutique place selling only classic dishes such as cheese burgers.

Later, the couple who owned this restaurant expanded their business by purchasing and renovating an old building for a certain down payment. They moved upstairs themselves, decorated the downstairs with antique toys and other favorite things, and later changed the name of the place. The Bubble Room Captiva (The Bubble Room Florida) smells like effort.

Bubble Room Reviews

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  • Food: 4.0
  • Value: 3.5
  • Service: 4.0
  • Atmosphere: 4.0
@917iraGood place to go unless it’s closed then you might find yourself hosed Which is better than blowing your nose.
@Kris BThe food was amazing and Evelyn was awesome server! Very tentative to our needs. We will come backs.
@Dan949AThis is a fun place to visit with good food and huge, delicious desserts. Be sure to walk around to see the different rooms.
@John SA trip to the Bubble Room is a must if you are visiting Southwest Florida. It is a very fantastic experience for the whole familys. The food is wonderful and I especially LOVE their cheese fried cheese.
@Fran NCake is always wonderful. So moist and delicious. We get one of each every time we visit. Our familys has been going to Captiva for 27 years and will be back. Hopefully the Bubbleroom will be there.
@susanbX4020BHThe food was great and very creative. Our server was Connor and he made our experience very fun. Will definitely go back.
@Roving60394363493Always a place to visit when vacationing in Sanibel. This past visit we met a great waiter named Tim who’s familys has long ties in Sanibel and family ties in Houston.
@God4meWe didn’t eat there but we stopped by to check out the place. Desserts in the building next door which looked fantastic. Went across the street to their emporium shop which was excellent.
@Passport632467The place needs a complete gut . The interior looked and smelled like some ancient antique store in the Adirondacks. The staff are full of themselves and the service sucks. The food was greasy and cold, the cake was inedible and the prices were ridiculously high. My advice would be to raze the whole complex and then Incinerate the contents to sanitize the area for rebuilding. Absolutely disgusting.
@Connector498666What a great restaurant. What an amazing and fabulous server! Connor was just the best! Thank you for adding so much fun to our incredible trip! You are the best.

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The Bubble Room Menu

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Bubble Room Dinner Menu

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Why is The Bubble Room – Closed?

Why is The Bubble Room – Closed? The Bubble Room Captiva, which has been the island’s pride since 1979 with its bubble lights, old popular Hollywood posters, beautiful jukeboxes, legendary train sets, valuable antiques and more, is still standing after the Hurricane Ian event on September 28, 2022, but it is heavy. It was damaged and remained closed. In January, he started serving his cakes at dinner theaters.

Although work has begun on the interior of the restaurant, it looks like it will still be a while before it reopens. The answer to the question Why is The Bubble Room – Closed can still be given as closed.

Is The Bubble Room On Captiva Island Open?

Is The Bubble Room On Captiva Island Open? No, it’s still closed as we said above. However, it is planned to open soon. Work continues for The Bubble Room Captiva Restaurant.

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