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Grumman Albatross Hu 16 for Sale (air-boat) for only $990,000 USD. “Grumman HU 16 Albatross Boat” is a very high quality sea vehicle. These amazing flying boats are custom built for customers. ‘Used Grumman Albatross G-111 For Sale’ has a real aluminum material. Marine equipment of this flying boat: Raymarine components (echometer, anemometer, autopilot, plotter, compass) Navionic charts, Navtex, active AIS, VHF radio.

Grumman Albatross Hu 16 For Sale

Grumman Albatross Hu-16 for Sale, also known as the SA-16, was registered as an amphibious aircraft used as a search and rescue aircraft by the US Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force in the 1940s and 1950s. The aircraft was designed by the “Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation”, popularly known as “Northrop Grumman”, and continued to serve until the 1970s.

Grumman Albatros HU 16 for sale is a fairly large aircraft designed and built for use at sea. It has a very convenient structure with its high wing design that provides balanced lift. The dual engine configuration is renowned for providing highly efficient propulsion. The length of the plane is 62 feet, 10 inches. It has a wingspan of 96 feet and a height of 25 feet. The maximum take-off weight of this flying boat is set at approximately 30,000 pounds. The fuselage of the aircraft has a terrific structure that can operate both in water and on land.

Grumman Albatross Hu 16 For Sale is powered by two Wright R-1820 variable pitch propeller engines with a total of 2,100 horsepower. The engine structure is tasked with providing the aircraft with a maximum speed of 210 knots and a range of up to 3,000 nautical miles with a standard fuel load. The plane is also famous for being able to climb to a maximum altitude of 19,000 feet.

Grumman Albatross Boats Review and Specs

Grumman Albatross Hu 16 For Sale Price:US$990,000
Manufacturer:Nelson Yacht Services Ltd

This boat has an incredibly beautiful design. Grumman Albatross Hu-16 Flying Boat. You do know that it’s one of the greatest classics of all time, right? Today we put the best flying Albatross Boat for sale for you. It has been present in yacht tenders in America and the Caribbean for the last 12 years. Since it is looked at commercially, you have the opportunity to rent or buy it as a boat or as a stand-alone aircraft. Enjoy your Albatross flying boat.

Used Grumman Albatross For Sale

Used Grumman Albatross For Sale is really well done. A popular classic and with superior performance, this aircraft was produced with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. It has a fully functional kitchen with hot and cold running water. It also has comfortable sleeping areas and a luxurious bathroom with shower. Renovated to civilian standards. It also has a full 110 volt APU, central heating and air conditioning.

The Army has announced that it is using the Used Grumman Albatros for Sale as an anti-submarine warship. The United States Air Force soon received the aircraft from them for use in search and rescue missions. The aircraft’s design was restored to suit this new mission in 1950, and the Albatros was used to rescue crashed aircrew in Korea. It was also recorded by reliable news sources that it was used by the United Nations to rescue more than a thousand UN personnel during the Korean War.

Used Grumman Albatross For Sale is known as one of the most popular aircraft available in the USA and is on sale as a fully restored aircraft. The HU-16A was originally designed as an anti-submarine aircraft. But in the 1980s it was refurbished by the company for use as a search and rescue aircraft.

Used Grumman G-111 Albatross

Used Grumman G-111 Albatross: The United States Air Force and the U.S. Coast Guard bought the aircraft after the Air Force and then sold it to 21 different foreign countries. Chile, Germany and Australia also bought the aircraft. Apart from the US Navy and Coast Guard, the aircraft was also sold to the UK Ministry of Defense. These rare aircraft are now on sale as a rare opportunity to travel the world. You won’t regret purchasing this incredible aviation history. The interior of the GRUMMAN HU 16 ALBATROSS is very similar to the G-111 models from Grumman Boats.

Used Grumman G-111 Albatross: Grumman hu 16 albatrosses are quite rare. It is designed for flight training and has a crew of six. Its crew of 6 consisted of a pilot, a navigator, a radio operator and two observers. Because it was bought by the US Navy, the US Coast Guard and 21 foreign governments. This beloved airplane is a boon to anyone who wants to fly in the skies.

Grumman Albatross Hu 16 For SaleSpecs
Hull Material:Aluminum
Beam:96 ft 8 in
Max Draft:3 ft 7 in
Engine Make:Wright Cyclone
Engine Model:1820-82C
Cruising Speed:277.0
Length Overall:64 ft
Number Of Engines:2
Max Bridge Clearance:25 ft 10 in

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