Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price, Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale – 2023

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price is much more affordable in 2023. Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale was launched just a few years ago and is still in production. Let’s also say that it has a very luxurious design and superior performance.

The exterior design of Sunseeker Manhattan 68 for sale also appeals to tasteful people. It has a very stylish and modern structure. It is easy to use due to its deep V body. So, does the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price list appeal to you? Let’s examine it together

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price is much more affordable than previous times. Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale is a luxury motor yacht produced by the British shipyard Sunseeker International. It was designed to be ’68 feet’ (20.8 metres) long.

It has a total accommodation capacity of up to 8 people in 4 cabins and a crew capacity of 2 people. Of course, the salon of this magnificent sea vehicle is large enough, as well as spacious! Before the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price list, let’s list these beautiful features;

For example, the kitchen of the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 for Sale is very useful. It has a design that will attract you with its features such as the wide captain’s bridge. The Sunseeker Manhattan 68 is an amazing vehicle that is powered by dual diesel engines and can reach a top speed of approximately 31 knots.

As we mentioned above, the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Fee is listed as more affordable. It is one of the best performing vehicles in 2023. Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale is one of the most popular models of its series!

Here is the complete Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price list:

Model ListPrice List
2022 Sunseeker Manhattan 68 (United States)$3,375,000
2021 Sunseeker Manhattan 68 (Turkey)£2,490,000
2021 Sunseeker Manhattan 68 (Italy)£2,528,652
2023 Sunseeker Manhattan 68 (Florida)$4,199,999
2004 Sunseeker Manhattan 68 (America)The price is not yet known

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale

Don’t leave your dreams late with Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale. We discover all its features together with the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Review. We’ve prepared vivid features and stunning images with attention to detail:

  • Attention to Design:

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 for sale has an attractively stylish design! This boat was built with attention to fine detail. Having a spacious interior layout is another beauty.

  • Great Performance:

We present you the most special details in the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Review list. Powered by a dual diesel engine, this beauty stands out with its range of approximately 350 miles.

  • Amazing Features Await You:

We shared the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price list for you to share. But know that we offer you a boat that deserves these prices. This vehicle, which houses a large enough lounge, comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a large captain’s bridge for entertainment.

  • Reach the Peak of Pleasure with Ease of Use:

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 For Sale is easy to use thanks to its extraordinary field of vision and responsive steering. See with your own eyes the impact of the body design on ease of use. Isn’t the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price list in Sice quite affordable?

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Review

We also share the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Review list with you. It will be beneficial for you to learn the thoughts and opinions about this beautiful sea vessel. You can watch these reviews on video.

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Interior

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Interior welcomes us with an extremely spacious and luxurious design. The interior of our boat features high-quality materials and finishes, with a neutral color scheme that makes the space feel open and spacious.

  • The Magnificence of the Hall:

The lounge of Sunseeker Manhattan 68 for sale is located on the main deck. This living room has large windows that provide enough natural light. Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price does justice to its usefulness. There is also a comfortable seating area and a large dining table.

  • Galley:

The kitchen of Sunseeker Manhattan 68 for sale welcomes us fully equipped. It has enough storage space. It is located on the lower deck. It satisfies users by providing easy access to the lounge and rear cockpit area.

  • Nothing beats the pleasure of your stay:

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 One of the features that makes it worth its price is that it can accommodate up to 8 people in 4 cabins! The main cabin is located forward of the main deck. Of course, it also hosts a large and luxurious area. There are also three guest cabins, each with an en suite bathroom.

  • Flybridge:

The captain’s bridge was designed on a large, open area ideal for entertaining. There is a comfortable seating area, dining area and American bar.

  • Meet the Functionality of the Helm Station:

The helm station of the Sunseeker Manhattan 68 for sale is positioned on the main deck. It also has a large console with all the necessary navigation and communication equipment.

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Range

The Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Range list has a very wide range. The 2020 model is among the most popular models. The 2022 and 2023 models are also very popular. The Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Price list is also determined according to these models.

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IndustryLuxury motor yachts
HeadquartersPoole, United Kingdom
Key peopleAndrea Frabetti (CEO), Michael Straughan (COO), Robert Braithwaite (Founder), John Braithwaite (Founder)
Revenue£320 million (2013)
OwnerDalian Wanda Group
Number of employeesApproximately 2,600 (2019)
ParentWanda Group

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