Roborock Q7 Max vacuum robot for €359 at Amazon | with suction station for 479€

Roborock Q7 Max vacuum Review, Specs & Price: The mid-range vacuum robot from Roborock is available on Amazon for €359. A little cheaper, but it is also available at MediaMarkt via the marketplace with other sellers. With a suction station, it is available from Amazon for €479.

  • Strong suction power
  • Roborock or Xiaomi Home App
  • Optional suction station

The Roborock S5 Max is probably one of the most popular robot vacuums on the market. It convinces with reliability and a good cleaning result. Now the Roborock Q7 Max wants to build on that this year. Will this be the next hit vacuum robot?

Roborock Q7 Max Vacuum Robot Review, Specs & Price

  • Technical specifications
Roborock Q7 Max
suction power4200 pa
navigationLaser room measurement (LiDAR technology)
apartmentRoborock ( Android iOS ), Xiaomi Home ( Android iOS )
volume60, 62, 66, 70 dB with increasing suction level
battery pack5200mAh
dust chamber/water tank470ml / 350ml
working hours3 hours
loading time6 hours
Dimensions35.3 3 x 35.3 x 9.65 cm
gradients2 cm
featuresBlack & White color variants
Mapping with map storage of three floors
selective room division
No-Go Zones and Zoned Cleanup
Wiping function with non-wiping zones and electric water tank
Continued cleaning
Carpet detection (increases suction power)
Voice assistants Google Assistant, Alexa & Siri
Suction station with bag
Roborock Q7 Max vacuum Review

Scope Of Delivery

We don’t find anything unexpected in the package of the Roborock Q7 Max. In addition to the charging station and vacuum robot, there are instructions and the wiping element. Although it is not customary to add a second wipe, it would still not have been bad here.

Roborock Q7 MaxPin
Roborock Q7 Max Review, Specs & Price

If you bought the Plus version of the Q7 Max, then of course there is also another dust bag in addition to the suction station. A surprise awaits us here, because different dust bags are used here than with the S7. The biggest difference is probably the cardboard slipcase, which has been replaced here by a plastic holder. So now you throw away a piece of plastic with every dust bag. Of course it’s more robust this way, but it’s also a bit of a waste.

Design & Processing

If you know one Roborock, then you know them all. In terms of design, there isn’t too much raging and the two color variants black and white are nothing new either. In most things, the Q7 Max is really similar to the Roborock S7. Only the number of sensors, the positioning and the shape differ slightly. So you have something like a model platform here, which isn’t the first time we’ve seen this either.

Roborock Q7 MaxPin
Roborock Q7 Max Review, Specs & Price

Accordingly, a Roborock also offers the usual quality here. High-quality parts made of plastic, rubber and co. with clean assembly. Here you rely on the same quality as with the more expensive S7 MaxV model.

Navigation & sensors

Roborock Q7 Max vacuum Review – If you see the S5 Max as the spiritual predecessor here, not that much has happened in terms of sensors. You continue to rely on the laser navigation via the tower on the top and supplement this with fall sensors and additional sensors on the front and side to detect walls or door frames, for example. Also always there: the contact bumper, which as a last resort draws the attention of the Q7 Max to an obstacle. Object recognition from the MaxV models is not surprising here, but it is not integrated.

Roborock Q7 MaxPin
Roborock Q7 Max Review

Therefore, socket strips with cables lying around and other small objects are still an obstacle that the vacuum robot does not recognize. So the Roborock Q7 Max started to “riot” right away in our office and messed with a few cables and a mannequin standing around. But he is not alone with this technology and you have to prepare your four walls a bit for him.

However, if you have eliminated individual problem areas or blocked them via a restricted area in the app, then the recognition of the living environment works perfectly and quickly. He navigates safely through the apartment and finds his station again without any problems.

Roborock Q7 MaxPin
Roborock Q7 Max Review

As with all vacuum robots, glass doors are an unrecognizable obstacle due to the LiDAR sensor, but it recognized the rooms behind closed glass doors as such, even if I still had to correct one or two rooms. In summary, one can say about the navigation that it finds its way around here as expected and the Roborock S7 does not perform better or worse here either.


  • Suction Function

In addition to good navigation, the suction power must also be right. If you now compare the relevant parts for this between the Q7, S7 and S7 MaxV, you will quickly notice that these are 1:1 the same. The difference to the previous model Roborock S5 Max is there.

The significant difference is the suction power, which is 4200 pa for the Q7 Max, 2500 pa for the S7 and 5100 pa for the S7 MaxV. The only thing that really stands out here is the S7, which due to its age does not yet have the increased suction power of the new models. With the S8 we will certainly see a suction power of between 4200 and 5100 pa.

With the higher suction power, one naturally expects better suction power than with the Roborock S7, which is already an improved S5 Max. In practice, however, this is not necessarily the case, because the Roborock Q7 Max performs quite similarly with the main opponent of vacuum robots, the carpets.

But sometimes it seems a bit faster to me and it dashes through the four walls. But it has to be said that a performance similar to the Roborock S7 is definitely not a bad result. If you don’t fill your carpet with rubbish every few days, it will also get clean. You don’t even have to talk about hard floors, they are reliably cleaned of dust and dirt.

  • Wipe Function

There is not much exciting to say about the wipe function. Features are saved in the Q series, which then justify the surcharge for the S series. Here is the wiping function, which is the conventional variant here, where the Q7 Max drags a wet rag behind it. Although you can control the water delivery electronically via the app, it just stays wet when you wipe it.

Roborock Q7 MaxPin
Roborock Q7 Max Review

Vibrating wiping or even wiping with rotating mops are significantly better here. The VibraRise function, which raises the mopping plate on carpets, also remains exclusive to the Roborock S7 series. This makes the wiping function a nice addition, but if you really want a good wiping result, you still have to use the Roborock S7 or alternatives.

Map Creation & App

As is typical for Roborock, there are again two app connection options available. Once the Xiaomi Home App ( Android iOS ), but also the own Roborock ( Android iOS ). If you already own Xiaomi Home devices or are planning to expand your smart home in the future, it is of course practical to have everything linked in one app. In terms of scope, both provide a similar range of functions. The setup is uncomplicated. Simply select the vacuum robot in the app, enter the Wi-Fi password and then it should already be integrated.

Anyone who has ever had a vacuum robot with app control will not be too surprised by the range of functions. First, the Q7 Max wants to drive through your apartment to create a map. This is very quick here and within half an hour the vacuum robot has scanned our 105 m² office area.

At the same time, he divides the route traveled into the individual rooms. If you still need to readjust, you can also do this in the app. With the help of virtual walls and restricted zones, you can then also edit the map to seal off problematic corners and areas. If you have several hives in your home, you can save different cards for them.

Instead of the 2D map, which is activated by default, there is also the 3D view. There you can see a three-dimensional outline of the environment and place virtual furniture in it. The furniture itself is good, because you can instruct the Roborock Q7 Max to clean it. Maybe it’s just me personally, but I find the 3D map less clear and quite useless. how do you see it?

The range of functions also includes the individual setting options. The suction power and water delivery when wiping can be adjusted in four stages. The Max’s robot settings also include a Do Not Disturb mode, Carpet Boost, and Parental Controls. So that the vacuum robot can regularly go on a cleaning trip, regular cleaning can be set securely via the schedule.

There are several ways to send the Q7 Max to be cleaned. Once the standard mode, in which the vacuum robot cleans the entire area. However, there is also the option of cleaning individual rooms or surfaces.


With the Roborock Q7 Max and the beginning of the Q series, the company has set itself the goal of equipping one of their proven vacuum robots with a suction station at a moderate price. Did they succeed? Yes, but the Q7 Max definitely fits into the Roborock portfolio.

We have the top model from the S series with the S7 MaxV Ultra, which is Roborock’s all-inclusive package. Then there is the Roborock S7, which once again stands out from the model that has just been released thanks to its practical wiping function and suction station without a dust bag.

For me, the Q7 Max is the model for everyone who doesn’t care about the wipe functionand who would like to have an extraction station or at least want the option of buying this later. Sure, the S5 Max is still an option for those with little carpet, but then there’s no dust extraction station and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s slowly being retired as well.

But there is not only Roborock on the market, but also other manufacturers. I see the Dreame product family consisting of the D9 (Max), L10 Pro and Z10 Pro as a direct competitor. These can score with a similar range of functions and offer a very good price-performance ratio. At Roborock you are slowly paying for the name of the brand and its reputation, which is quite good.

In summary: if you are looking for a pure vacuum robot and would like to have a Roborock, you won’t go wrong here. There is more wiping power with the Roborock S7 or Midea S8, for example, and Dreame is cheaper.

Do you have an S5 Max driving around and do you miss an extraction station?

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