Shunzao Z11 Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for 199€ from EU warehouse

Shunzao Z11 Max Review, Specs & Price: At Geekbuying you can currently get the cordless vacuum cleaner with the practical hair clipper for €199 from the EU warehouse. For this you have to redeem the voucher code NNNFRSOLDEZ11. Alternatively, you can probably get it a little faster from Amazon for €219.99.

Coupon: NNNFRSOLDEZ11 & EU warehouse / Highlights of the Shunzao Z11 Max:

  • Strong suction power
  • Hair cutting directly on the roller
  • Easy emptying

Shunzao is one of the manufacturers operating in the Xiaomi ecosystem and has already produced models for them. With the Shunzao Z11 Max you declare war on your hair. There is also plenty of suction power and a well-rounded overall package. Competition for Dreame T30 & Co.?

Shunzao Z11 Max Review, Specs & Price

  • Technical specifications
Shunzao Z11 Max Dreame T30
Price without offer€329.99340€
suction power26,000 pa27,000pa (190AW)
wipe functionnono
volume70, 77, 81 dB (with increasing suction level)70, 75, 80 dB (with increasing suction level)
battery pack2500mAh, interchangeable2900mAh, interchangeable
working hours60 minutes at the lowest suction level, 8 minutes at the highest level90 minutes at the lowest suction level, 7.5 minutes at the highest level
loading time3 hours4 hours
suction levelsThreeFour (incl. “Auto mode”)
dust chamber0.5L0.6L
Dimensions35x27x10cmnot specified
Weight1.7kg1.7 kg as hand-held vacuum cleaner, 2.6 kg completely removed
CE markYesYes
Shunzao Z11 Max

Scope Of Delivery

With the Shunzao Z11 Max we find the usual, but quite lavish scope of delivery. The following contents are included in the box:

  • Main element with LED display
  • intake manifold
  • Main suction brush with hair cutting
  • Mini suction brush
  • crevice tool
  • wide brush nozzle
  • Power adapter with EU plug
  • wall mount
  • Instructions in German
shunzao z11 maxPin
Shunzao Z11 Max Review, Specs & Price:

You can see from the long list that the Shunzao comes with a lot of accessories, which actually don’t leave too many wishes unfulfilled. An alternative roller for the main brush would of course have been practical, but not absolutely necessary. The implementation for the German market has been successful, because the standard EU plug and the German instructions mean that it can be used here without any problems.

shunzao z11 maxPin
Shunzao Z11 Max

Design And Processing

When it comes to design, Shunzao uses gray with orange accents, which can be found on the suction trigger and in the dust chamber. It is a matte finish, which means that the cordless vacuum cleaner is not quickly full of fingerprints. The dust chamber sits flush with the main element. In general, I think the cordless vacuum cleaner is very chic, even if it doesn’t necessarily dare something completely new.

In terms of processing quality, Shunzao definitely doesn’t have to hide. Here you play with the top manufacturers and deliver a solid workmanship. The individual elements and accessories feel valuable and can be neatly put together.


On the back of the cordless vacuum cleaner we find a round LED display, which shows the current suction level, error codes and the battery charge level. You avoid other displays and there is no way to interact with the screen.

shunzao z11 maxPin
Screen – Shunzao Z11 Max

It’s not the smartest cordless vacuum cleaner, but of course it doesn’t have to be. Shunzao relies on simple information here and tends to leave out gimmicks.


With the weight of the main element of 1.7 kg , the Shunzao Z11 Max is certainly not a flyweight, but it is average for cordless vacuum cleaners. He steers himself well and flexibly through his own four walls and does a few things differently. The individual elements of the cordless vacuum cleaner are often put together and then released with a button.

Here you regulate the process inside by pulling on the connection point and thus detaching the element. This way the exterior looks neater, but it is also much more intuitive because you pull the individual parts apart. At the same time, they are still firmly in place, since the fuse is only released at the connector. A sophisticated system !

shunzao z11 maxPin
Vacuum / Shunzao Z11 Max

As soon as you press the suction trigger, the cordless vacuum cleaner starts to vacuum continuously until you press the button again. There is no switchover to a manual mode. I find the setting of the three suction levels, which is located directly below the suction trigger, a bit out of place. So it is difficult to use it with one hand and you actually have to use your second hand. Not quite ideal if you often want to adjust the suction power.

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Vacuums / Shunzao Z11 Max

Of course, after vacuuming, you want to empty the dust chamber. This works here via a button. Just go to the bin, hold the dust chamber opening over it and empty with the button on the back.

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Z11 / Shunzao Z11 Max

Then you simply push the chamber down again and you can continue. If there is stubborn dirt in the chamber or you want to clean it, you can simply turn it off. There you will also find the filter element.

Maintenance is also part of the cordless vacuum cleaner, although some in our editorial team prove with their own models at home that this is not absolutely necessary. The manual contains a detailed description of how to keep your cordless vacuum cleaner in the best condition.

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Shunzao Z11 Max Manual

Even a cordless vacuum cleaner cannot do without electricity, which is why there is a replaceable 2500 mAh battery on the underside. This also has three charge indicators that show the current status of the battery while charging or vacuuming.

It is charged via a barrel connector on the front of the battery, so it can also be charged outside of the cordless vacuum cleaner. If the performance decreases over time or a defect occurs, you can easily replace the battery. However, these are not cheap and have to be imported from USA.


Since the Shunzao Z11 Max is also more in the higher-priced segment of Chinese cordless vacuum cleaners, it must of course also offer a lot of performance. With its 26,000 pa suction power, it also has enough power to achieve a good result on both hard floors and carpets.

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Shunzao Z11 Max Review, Specs & Price:

To vacuum the floor, a soft roller is used here, which is primarily designed for hard floors. Nevertheless, the Shunzao manages to clean short-pile carpets well, even if you have to use the full suction power. For high-pile carpets you need a second pass, but this also depends on the respective soiling. If you clean regularly or maybe even have help from a vacuum robot, you will also achieve very good results with the Shunzao on carpets.

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Screen photo (Shunzao Z11 Max)

But the main function here is of course hair cutting on the main brush. This prevents hair from getting tangled and being sucked up. In our test, the whole thing works very well and even dog hair gives in. But you also have to be realistic and not suck up huge hairballs. The function works well in everyday life and this reduces the maintenance effort. It may be necessary to observe in the long term whether the cutting device wears out over time, which we cannot determine at this point in time.

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Shunzao Z11 Max Review, Specs & Price:

The Shunzao Z11 Max can be used flexibly thanks to the various attachments. Whether as a hand-held vacuum cleaner or as a fully developed cordless vacuum cleaner with a suction tube, you can choose the right accessories. The small brush attachment, which can also be used to clean the mattress, does not cut hair, for example. So you still have to manually loosen tangled hair.


Shunzao has also realized that there are now many models that clean the apartment quite well and that larger suction power numbers do not necessarily help. Instead, the problem of tangled hair on the suction roller has been addressed. Quite a clever idea, with which one positions oneself somewhat differently. This is also successful, because the hair cutting works well and the maintenance effort can be reduced.

But one does not neglect the other components and the solution to the assembly of the individual elements is intuitive. The emptying of the dust chamber is also convenient and easy to carry out. The selection of the suction levels is a bit out of place, which means that you have to operate them with a second hand.

The Shunzao Z11 Max is also not the smartest model, which may be a completely irrelevant point for some. Because there is no automatic suction adjustment or visualization of the suction power curve here. Features that can make things easier, but are also completely optional.

The Shunzao Z11 Max is recommended for households that have pets with hair or have long hair themselves . Because here the cordless vacuum cleaner solves a problem that many find very annoying. If you don’t have the problem yourself, you can of course also take a look at the Dreame T30, which shines with its smart functions and carpet roller. But even with Roborock with the H7 you are in a similar price segment and even have the bag operation here, for example.

No power to the hair with the Shunzao Z11 Max. Does hair cutting play an important role for you?

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