Soundcore Space Q45 Price: Q45 ANC Over-Ear for €99 at MediaMarkt – a successful upgrade!

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: With the Soundcore Space Q45, the over-ear series and thus the successor to the Soundcore Life Q35 are given a new name and an additional charge of €50. Is the upgrade big enough to justify the price?

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: Q45 ANC Over-Ear

Soundcore Space Q45 Price:

  • Soundcore Space Q45 over-ear headphones
    • Black version for €99 at MediaMarkt | 143.89€ at Amazon | Soundcore for €104.99 (voucher: WS24PDA3040)
    • Blue variant for €143.90 at Amazon
  • Technical specifications
SurnameSoundcore Space Q45Soundcore Life Q35
driver40mm dynamic driver40mm dynamic driver
frequency range20-40,000Hz16-20,000Hz
connectivityBluetooth 5.3bluetooth 5
battery lifeup to 50 hours with ANCup to 40 hours with ANC
IP protection class
bluetooth profileHFP v1.6, HSP v1.2, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, AAC, SBC
Soundcore Space Q45 Price:

Packaging & scope of delivery

As usual, the Soundcore Space Q45 come in a colorfully printed box. Inside there is a user manual and a carrying case. In turn, you will find the over-ear headphones themselves, a USB-C charging cable and a 3.5 mm jack cable.

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Soundcore Space Q45 Price

Design slightly revised

Compared to the Soundcore Life Q35, the design has only been slightly revised. The most striking is the connection between the handset and the headband. While the Soundcore Life Q35 listeners are connected to the listener at two points via an articulated arm, the Space Q45 only has one central connection point. The bracket winding mechanism has also been slightly revised and the buttons on the handset have been placed slightly differently due to the new suspension.

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Soundcore Space Q45 Price

From afar, the Soundcore Space Q45 look  very similar to the Soundcore Life Q35 . So much so that the changed naming actually makes little sense. Because, at least in terms of looks, the Soundcore Space Q45 could simply be a Soundcore Life Q45.

While the Soundcore Life Q35 is available in blue and rose in addition to classic black, the Soundcore Space Q45 is again limited to a plain black. It’s a pity that no other color variants are offered here, but it could well be that these will also appear on the market later. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Soundcore has submitted color variants.

Processing: more metal for less risk of breakage

Soundcore Space Q45 Price, Review: Especially with the Soundcore Life Q30 , i.e. the predecessor of the Q35, some users reported a sensitive weak point on the headband. This caused some buyers to break between the earphones and the headband after a few months or years of use. It is due to the use of plastic, which is heavily stressed by the tension while wearing the over-ears.

Soundcore has now reacted here and not only reinforced the headband with metal, but also the foldable arm that connects the listener and headband. It is actually a relatively massive metal core, which is partly covered with plastic. Thus, the Soundcore Space Q45 is again significantly more robust and of higher quality than its predecessor. This may even justify a small part of the price increase.

Sound of the Soundcore Space Q45 in the test

On paper, the Soundcore Space Q45, like the Life Q30 and Q35, are equipped with a 40 mm driver. In the test, however, you can immediately hear that Soundcore has worked properly on the sound image of the Space Q45 and refined it, while the sound image between Soundcore Life Q30 and Q35 remained practically unchanged.

As is typical for Soundcore, the performance in the low-frequency range is very decent, as was the case with the predecessors. The Space Q45 have a strong  bass, even very deep sub-bass frequencies are reproduced powerfully and can create an oppressive feeling when listening to music.

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Soundcore Space Q45 Price

Performance is solid in the midrange , and the Space Q45 is more defined than its predecessors in the upper midrange frequencies. This makes the difference in combination with a significantly more detailed trebleAs a result, the Space Q45 provides a noticeably larger stage. Luckily, the not insignificant price surcharge can fortunately not only be justified by the higher quality materials, but actually also by the sound pattern.

Soundcore Space Q45 vs. Sony WH-1000 XM5 and XM4

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: We don’t have to talk long about the comparison of the Soundcore Space Q45 and Sony’s current flagship ANC Over-Ear. The Sony WH-1000 XM5 easily puts the Soundcore Space Q45 in its pocket . Especially in combination with high-resolution audio files, it offers an even more detailed and somewhat more balanced sound that also makes the heart of audiophile users beat a little faster, at least for Bluetooth headphones.

The Soundcore Space Q45 can come closer to the less detailed predecessor Sony WH-1000XM4 . In terms of sound, Soundcore delivers sharper and more precise highs in the frequency peaks than the Sony WH-1000XM4. In the lower treble and upper mid-range frequencies, however, the sound of the Sony headphones is more voluminous and more detailed.

In my opinion, we are dealing with a small frequency hole in Soundcore’s Space Q45. With a corresponding increase in the lower treble and upper mid-range frequencies in the equalizer, countermeasures can still be taken a little here, but there is still no way of approaching the WH-1000 XM5 in terms of sound.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is a bit more “honest” in terms of sound, you could say. There is no such frequency hole here, the headphones simply cannot reproduce precise highs in all honesty. Overall, not that much is happening between the WH-1000XM4 and the Space Q45. Soundcore is therefore on the right track, even if Sony’s current top model for the Space Q45 performs better than it can be. / Soundcore Space Q45 Price, Reviews. (Soundcore Space Q45 Price)

Active noise cancellation

Soundcore was able to improve the ANC compared to the Life Q35 , and high-frequency noise is filtered and isolated somewhat better overall. The strength of the noise suppression and also that of the transparent mode can be adjusted in 5 levels in the app. At level 5, the strongest ANC mode, you can unfortunately hear a slight background noise, which I no longer perceive as annoying at level 4.

There is also now an adaptive ANC mode. This automatically adjusts the strength of the active noise suppression to the ambient volume. I liked the mode a lot in the test. If you suddenly simulate a loud environment, the mode needs a few seconds to think, but this is less noticeable in normal everyday situations.

So if you are looking for over-ear headphones that should primarily have a very, very good ANC, then you are better off with the Sony WH-1000XM4 . Soundcore’s Space Q45 with solid ANC is also recommended as an all-rounder with a good price-performance ratio.


Soundcore Space Q45 Price: Of course, the Soundcore Space Q45 can also be used to make calls. However, Soundcore doesn’t seem to focus too much on that. Although background noise is isolated quite well, your own voice sounds a bit thin and not very voluminous. You can be understood quite well by the people you are talking to, but there is definitely still room for improvement in terms of quality.

Wearing Comfort

In the test, the Soundcore Space Q45 offer a good wearing comfort for me personally . Thanks to the thick foam ear pads, which adapt well to the shape of the head, the over-ear is not uncomfortable even for me as a glasses wearer after wearing it for a long time. However, the headband padding could be a bit thicker, even though I personally didn’t find it too thin. Unfortunately, the ear pads of the Soundcore Space Q45 are not interchangeable, such as with the AirPods MAX.

Operation & App

A total of four control buttons are installed on the handset . On the left earpiece there is an on/off switch and an NC button with which the ANC modes can be switched through. There is also a play/pause button and a volume rocker on the right earpiece.

Some buttons have double functions . The voice assistant of the mobile phone can be activated by pressing the Play/Pause button twice and the previous or next track can be selected by pressing and holding the volume rocker. The BassUp mode can optionally be activated by pressing the NC button twice; this can be customized via the app.

In addition, the app functions are clearly arranged. As already mentioned, the ANC mode can be switched and adjusted in 5 levels or the adaptive mode can be selected. In addition, updates can be installed, the equalizer can be individualized and the LDAC codec can also be activated under Android.

Bluetooth connection & range

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: The Soundcore Space Q45 are equipped with a current Bluetooth 5.3 chipIn addition to the SBC and AAC codec under Android, it also supports Sony’s high-resolution LDAC codec. The headphones are also Hi-Res wireless certified. In addition, dual-device connection under the AAC codec is also supported. The function can be activated and deactivated in the Soundcore app, there is also a list of devices that your Soundcore Space Q45 were already connected to.

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Soundcore Space Q45 Price: The headphones can also be used via a jack cable

In the test, the over-ear delivered a good and stable range. In the test on an open area, the connection remained stable over a distance of around 20 meters, a very good value. So you have no problems at all even in closed rooms within a room. As always, the connection stability depends on the obstacles. In the streaming test with YouTube and Netflix, I didn’t notice a clear offset between picture and sound. However, not only the technology in the headphones is decisive, but also that of the smartphone with which you use the over-ears.

Running time as a figurehead

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: As always, Soundcore benefits from ANKER’s expertise in the field of charging electronics. With the new Space Q45, you have again optimized it properly and tickled a significantly longer runtime from the new over-ear than from the predecessor. With up to 50 hours with ANC on, the Space Q45 offers another 10 hours more runtime than the Life Q35 , which is pretty impressive. The competition from Sony only manages a fraction with a runtime of up to 30 hours.

The running time depends on various factors. With the ANC switched off, a significantly longer runtime of up to 65 hours is possible. The selected volume also influences the running time. The manufacturer’s information refers to a volume of 50%, since most users listen a little louder on average, the manufacturer’s information is usually not reached. In the test with ANC switched on and a mixed volume of 50%-70%, a running time of 42-46 hours was achieved, but it’s still a damn good value!

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Soundcore Space Q45 Price

The Soundcore Space Q45 are charged via USB-C port. A quick charge mode is also implemented According to the manufacturer, this should enable a running time of up to 4 hours with a 5-minute charging time. Soundcore apparently refers to a runtime without ANC with this value, with ANC switched on I was only able to achieve a runtime of a good 1.5 hours with these 5 minutes of charging. Still a good value for emergencies, I think.

Conclusion: a major upgrade

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: While very little has changed between the Soundcore Life Q30 and Life Q35 , Soundcore is giving a much larger upgrade with the name change to the Space series. Visually, the design is similar to that of the Life series, but significantly higher quality materials are used, thereby increasing the value and durability. Possible fractures, as brought to light by intensive long-term use of the Life Q30, have been changed here and more solid metal is used. This is how you stand out from the middle class of the competition and realize a haptically appealing product.

The Soundcore Space Q45 are also an audible upgrade to the Soundcore Life Q35 in terms of sound . The main focus was on the middle and high frequencies and the already strong bass was retained. In terms of sound, the Soundcore Space Q45 can definitely be considered a cheap alternative to the Sony WH-1000XM4 with slight drawbacks. You can’t get the sound of Sony’s current top ANC over-ear.

The ANC can’t keep up with Sony’s top models either. So if you are looking for headphones and attach great importance to the ANC, in my opinion you are currently getting the best price-performance ratio with Sony’s top model from last year. But then you have to put around 100€ more on the table than would be necessary for the Soundcore Space Q45.

  • High quality material & processing
  • Improved sound
  • Price-performance
  • good all-rounder
  • Slight ANC noise at highest level
  • Small “frequency hole”
  • ANC only mid-range

Soundcore Space Q45 Price: In its price range of €150, I would definitely call these headphones one of the over-ears with the highest quality workmanship and materials. In addition, it delivers a great sound in relation to the price, which is not right for audiophiles, but can still be a lot of fun while listening to music. In combination with very good battery life and solid ANC, the Soundcore Space Q45 is a good all-rounder at what I think is a fair price, especially if it will certainly drop a little here and there in the coming months. / Soundcore Space Q45 Price.

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