Soundcore Vr P10 Review: P10 in-ears for PlayStation, Quest, PC & Switch for €63.99 – best price!

Soundcore Vr P10 Review: You can get the Soundcore VR P10 with 2.4 GHz USB-C wireless dongle at a much lower price, starting at €63.99 at Amazon – best price!

  • 2.4 GHz USB-C dongle with LC3 codec
  • Passthrough on the dongle
  • Simultaneous connection with mobile phone (AAC/SBC)
  • Operation & app functions

Soundcore is busy and releases a VR & Gaming In-Ear in addition to the Liberty 4. The Soundcore VR P10 comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle, which enables transmission with very little delay. They are also specially certified for the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses and are also compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5. The Best In-Ear Headset for PC & Console Gaming?

Soundcore Vr P10 Review, Specs & Price

Packaging & scope of delivery

Soundcore Vr P10 Review: The Soundcore VR P10 come in a fairly standard, printed box. This is not as complex as the Soundcore Liberty 4, but the “Made for Meta” imprint catches the eye. Of course, the headphones are also compatible with other VR headsets, but more on that later. In addition to the headphones and charging box, the scope of delivery includes a Quick Start Guide , three pairs of ear pads, the USB-C dongle and a USB-C charging cable.

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

White design with magenta LEDs

Visually, the headphones are kept in white/silver to match the Meta Quest 2. However, the rods are not quite as filigree as those of the Soundcore Liberty 4, but are of a similar length and therefore somewhat shorter than those of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro – I like them! With a weight of around 5 g per earphone, the Soundcore VR P10 have an average weight and are also ergonomically shaped.

What would a gaming in-ear be without LEDs? At least not real gaming headphones, that’s what Soundcore thought. Three small LED strips are visible on the back of each handset, and the dongle is also equipped with a small LED strip. By default, this is magenta, but there are customization options in the Soundcore app, we’ll get to that later.

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

Overall, I like the design, in the ear the Soundcore VR P10 doesn’t really differ from an ordinary in-ear. So I would speak of a hybrid headphone that you can wear well for gaming as well as in everyday life.

The workmanship is also good, as expected, there are no material or production errors. Since movement-intensive VR gaming can sometimes make you sweat, the headphones are protected against splash water and sweat with IPX4 certification.

Sound of the Soundcore VR P10

The gaming in-ear is equipped with a dynamic driver with a membrane diameter of 11 mm. A driver of similar size is also used in the Soundcore Life P3, the current mid-range ANC in-ear.

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

In the test, I really like the sound of the Soundcore VR P10! As is typical for Soundcore, the sound profile is quite bass-heavy by default, with powerful sub-basses. However, this can of course be individualized in the Soundcore app.

The sound is also solid in the midrange, but of course the single driver cannot keep up with the top models from the company or other brands in the treble. Nevertheless, the sound of the Soundcore VR P10 is a bit more detailed compared to the Soundcore Life P3.

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

So I’m satisfied with the overall sound, although these are dedicated gaming headphones, they can also convince in normal Bluetooth mode for listening to music. You hardly pay a surcharge and can keep up with other wireless in-ears in the price range up to €80, at least from a sound point of view. You only have to do without active noise suppression here. In return, there is the low-latency USB-C dongle. Here you have to decide what is more important to you personally – ANC or the gaming aspect.

Wearing comfort & headset

For me, the Soundcore VR P10 are comfortable to wear. The angled ear openings adapt well to the ear canal and in combination with the right padding, the earphones stay where they should be even with intensive movements.

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

The Soundcore VR P10’s headset works solidly indoors. Of course it can’t really be compared to the microphone of an over-ear headset, but the voice is easy to understand, if a bit thin. When connected to the mobile phone, the headset unfortunately has a little problem with ambient noise outdoors. Unfortunately, these are not filtered quite as well and are quite audible for conversation partners, which can be uncomfortable in the long run.

Versatile connection options

The Soundcore VR P10 wireless gaming in-ears can be connected to the included 2.4 GHz USB-C dongle via LC3 codec and used in parallel with the smartphone via AAC/ABC codec. According to the manufacturer, the latency with the USB-C dongle is just 30 ms, which is also quite low compared to over-ear headsets with a USB dongle. In the test with the PlayStation 5 and PC, I didn’t notice any significant sound delay in FPS games such as Valorant and Destiny 2 – very good!

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

The USB-C dongle is equipped with passthrough, which is particularly important for the Nintendo Switch and the Meta Quest 2, but also for laptops with only one USB-C port. This means that the dongle has another USB-C input on the back, where the corresponding USB-C charger can be plugged in during use.

The dongle can “let the current through” so that charging and in-ear use is possible at the same time! Since the PS4 does not have a direct USB-C connection, you still need a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Unfortunately, the Soundcore VR P10 is not compatible with XBOX consoles.

Simultaneously connected to smartphone & console

At the same time, a dual device connection via dongle and Bluetooth is possible. For example, you can gamble with the quest and quickly answer a phone call on your smartphone. However, two simultaneous Bluetooth connections are not possible. By default, the mobile phone connection is prioritized, which means that if a call comes in while playing, the game sound will be interrupted. But the priority can be changed in the Soundcore app, smart!

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

Smart functions in the Soundcore app & operating options

Soundcore Vr P10 Review: As always, the Soundcore app also offers individual functions for the VR P10 that are perfectly tailored to the productThe light effect on the handset and dongle can be adjusted in the app, if you don’t like the standard purple, there are four other colors available – but a “Razer green” is not included. In addition, the LEDs can light up statically or pulsing , alternatively you can also switch off the light, according to Soundcore this increases the total runtime by around 30 minutes.

The USB-C dongle of the Soundcore VR P10 will soon also be available separately, so that the dongle does not always have to be plugged from device to device. The dongle in the app can be named after the respective device and, as soon as it is available individually, the currently connected dongle can also be changed, a cool feature I think!

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

There is also the “Super Hearing” function, which is practically a strong equalizer adjustment, whereby the bass almost completely and the treble partly disappears from the sound image. In FPS games, enemy footsteps or reloading should be even better audible.

Then you can use “Gaming & Talk” to switch on or off whether the Bluetooth connection to the cell phone should be prioritized, which interrupts the game sound playback for incoming calls. The microphone can also be permanently muted in the Soundcore app.

Soundcore Vr P10 Review / Furthermore, in the app:

  • adjusted the equalizer
  • the touch control individualized
  • Meta Quest mode turned on
  • Firmware updates installed for dongle & handset

become. The Soundcore app also offers useful functions for the VR P10 and offers real added value. The touch sensors on the back of the handset support a total of three gestures: (Soundcore Vr P10 Review)

  • simple tap
  • double tap
  • Hold down for 2 seconds

A total of six functions can be carried out directly on the handset, to choose from:

  • increase volume
  • Decrease volume
  • next title
  • previous title
  • Play/Pause
  • Activate voice assistant
  • “Super hearing” mode
  • Activate/deactivate microphone

Since there is no active noise cancellation compared to most in-ears, no touch gesture is reserved for it. The Soundcore VR P10 offer extensive operating options and the fact that gaming functions are also possible as shortcuts is what I particularly like here!

Up to 6 hours run time

Soundcore Vr P10 Review: The integrated handset batteries can  run for up to 6 hours. The actual running time depends on both the volume and the type of connection. For example, if the gaming in-ear is connected to the cell phone and dongle at the same time, the runtime is slightly shorter than if there is only one connection. In the test, I was able to achieve a runtime of around 5 hours at medium volume when listening to music. It’s similar with gaming, with a connection.

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Soundcore Vr P10 Review

The headphones can be recharged three times in the charging cradle. Within 10 minutes you can already recharge up to 1.5 hours of running time. Not outstanding values, but certainly sufficient. The charging case can be charged via USB-C, there is no wireless charging option. (Soundcore Vr P10 Review:)

Anyone who has read our tests on Bluetooth speakers with lighting will remember the runtime loss caused by LEDs. Again, the LEDs draw runtime. Soundcore states half an hour here. The LEDs can be switched off via the app.

Conclusion: Finally a gaming in-ear that lives up to the name!

Soundcore Vr P10 Review: Especially in summer, an over-ear headset can get sweaty. That’s why we’ve received more and more questions from you about a good in-ear alternative. So far, unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to recommend a pair of headphones.

Although there are some gaming in-ears on the market, for example from Black Shark or EDIFIER, these are intended more for mobile gaming and do not have a dongle for PC and console. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz USB-C dongle, which is standard for wireless over-ear headsets, the area of ​​application is significantly expanded here.


  • Soundcore Vr P10 Review: 2.4 GHz USB-C dongle with LC3 codec
  • Passthrough on the dongle
  • Simultaneous connection with mobile phone (AAC/SBC)
  • Operation & app functions


The Soundcore VR P10 also offers a solid sound as Bluetooth headphones, the app has useful functions and the touch sensors also offer extensive operation. I find the regular price of € 99, which has already been discounted by €20 more than once, to be fair for what is on offer. Soundcore Vr P10 Review ..

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