Xiaomi Mop 2S the entry-level vacuum robot from Xiaomi for €234.95 in the Lidl online shop

You can currently get the entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mop 2s from Lidl in the online shop for €234.95 including shipping.

  • Good suction power
  • Reliable navigation
  • Handy Xiaomi Home smartphone app

Xiaomi Germany also brings us an entry-level vacuum robot. The Xiaomi Mop 2S is very reminiscent of Xiaomi’s very first model. Is simple sometimes just better?

Xiaomi Mop 2S Robot Vacuum Review, Specs & Price

  • Specifications of the Xiaomi Mop 2s
Xiaomi mop 2s
suction power2200 pa
navigationLaser room measurement
apartmentXiaomi Home ( Android iOS )
battery pack2600mAh
dust chamber/water tank300ml / 200ml
working hours2 hours
Dimensions35 3 x 35 x 9.45 cm
gradients2 cm
featuresMapping with map storage of multiple floorsselective room division
No-Go Zones and Zoned Cleanup
Wiping function with non-wiping zones and electric water tank
Continued cleaning
Language assistants Google Assistant, Alexa
Xiaomi Mop 2s

Scope Of Delivery

The scope of delivery of the Xiaomi Mop 2s includes the necessary components for operation, but nothing more. The side brush can be easily attached to the vacuum robot and the dust chamber is also quickly installed.

Xiaomi Mop 2SPin
Xiaomi Mop 2S

The station has two large elongated charging contacts, which make contact with the charging system on the back of the vacuum robot. There is no plastic underlay to protect the floor from residual moisture after wiping.

Safe navigation via laser space measurement

The Xiaomi Mop 2S explains itself quickly. A round vacuum robot with a laser tower on top. This is also the sensor that is mainly responsible for navigation. At the front there is still the contact bumper and also a sensor to better recognize door frames and the like. There are slope sensors, but there is no carpet detection, which is why you have to manually increase the suction power for carpets.

Xiaomi Mop 2SPin
Xiaomi Mop 2S

As expected, the navigation of the vacuum robot is quite reliable, but smaller objects cannot be recognized. This would require object recognition like the Dreame L10 Pro. However, the card creation is quick and you can quickly get started with the vacuum robot.

Low suction power still sufficient?

In terms of suction power, the vacuum robot only offers 2200 pa, which is very little given the huge suction power specifications of up to 8000 pa. But there are still models that achieve very good results even with less suction power. Good results are also delivered here, even on carpets. In our test, it was able to vacuum up 92% of the dirt that was spread out.

In general, the cleaning performance is quite good, but of course not as good as that of more expensive models with more suction power. The side brush also tends to throw larger amounts of dirt around on the ground rather than towards the roller.

A wiping function is also installed, which has an electrical water flow adjustment in the app. Here, however, the more conventional method is used, where the vacuum robot pulls a rag with it. This is a “just wipe wet” than a proper cleaning. If you want a useful wiping function, I can recommend the Roborock S7, which is currently the cheapest model with a reasonable wiping function.

Xiaomi Mop 2SPin
Xiaomi Mop 2S

A combined dust and water chamber is used here. The dust chamber has space for 300 ml of dust and 200 ml of water can be filled. I would have preferred a 0.5 l dust chamber here, since the wiping function, as already mentioned, is more of a nice addition than a real wiping function.

Xiaomi Home App as control center

Of course, the Xiaomi Home App is also used here. Simply click on the plus in the top right corner of the app and place the vacuum robot on the plugged-in station. The vacuum robot should then appear and you can integrate it into the Wi-Fi network.

Now you can have a map created and then customize it. There are virtual walls and restricted zones for that. The rooms are also automatically recognized and divided. You can also have the vacuum robot clean any room individually. You can also carry out updates here and adjust suction and wiping power. It is also possible to change the volume of the vacuum robot’s voice output and to install a different language pack. In addition to English and other European languages, German is also available.

The battery is also lower than the current standard. With 2600 mAh, it is a good half smaller. This is also noticeable in practice, because the vacuum robot manages our office with an area of ​​100 m² in just two hours at the standard suction power. If you increase the suction power to clean carpets, the running time decreases accordingly. If you only clean your apartment with a smaller area, this can of course be sufficient.


With the Xiaomi Mop 2s, Xiaomi tries to get as much out of the budget as possible. The suction power is suitable for an entry-level vacuum robot and the battery life is fine for apartments under 100 m². Carpet recognition would have been practical, since the vacuum robot could use its power more selectively.

At an RRP of €299, nobody should buy this vacuum robot. Realistically, the price of the Mop 2s is more like 200€ and you get a reasonable package for that. Anyone who has always wanted to try out a vacuum robot or simply has no higher demands can strike here.

If you are looking for a longer runtime, even better suction power, with a fairly identical app, I recommend the Dreame D9 series. Depending on the market situation, you only pay a maximum of 50€ extra. Xiaomi Mop 2S review..

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