Deal: 1kg Gıantarm Pla Filament from €17.67 (various colours, 1.75mm, Amazon Prime 2024)

After 3D printing is before buying filament. And you can do that again quite cheaply with GIANTARM PLA Filament. Please make sure that the prices say “from…” , individual colors can be more expensive. Listing them all individually would clearly go beyond the scope here. The prices are valid until June 27th, 2024. Here we go:

Classic PLA filament 1 kg is available from €17.67 at Amazon – redeem the 15% coupon on the offer page!

Silk-PLA-Filament 1kg is available from 17.84€ at Amazon – redeem the 15% coupon on the offer page!

HS-PLA (For high-speed printers) 1 kg is available from 1943€ on Amazon – Redeem 10% coupon on the offer page!

I now print longer with Geeetech or GIANTARM filaments, but an Amazon deal about two weeks ago was the stumbling block for this article. Almost 40 comments for “boring” filament, 1A print results – I think that deserves an extra article. Filament is unspectacular, but the “ink” of the printer and low-quality filament can be really annoying.

Now there are from 15.99 € at Amazon (coupon: 97C45DXK ) different colors PLA filament 1kg from GIANTARM on offer. You can find out what these are in the following price overview.

Gıantarm Pla Filament Review, Specs & Price

For me the deal is a real no-brainer and for you with the last action too. Here you can use the “standard colors” such. B. white or black, but also with more exotic colors “sand gold” or transparent properly cover. GIANTARM has good filament at the start here. With 4.4 stars with 6428 ratings, many of you see it similarly.

You can also order directly in Germany, from Amazon, with Prime shipping. So it’s there quickly and if something is wrong with the filament (I’ve had it [rarely] with very high-priced special filaments before), you can use the convenient Amazon service directly.

Ordering from China just isn’t worth it. Since I have to print quite a lot for my tests and the wishes of my colleagues here anyway, we have really stocked up right away.

GIANTARM PLA Filament – Order: When storing, pay attention to the temperature and light and then it will fit! (Have we exaggerated?!

The 3er Silk Filament is a bit more special, which is a bit more expensive per kilo, but can still be worth it if you don’t print that much (with these colors). In addition, the quality is also right here – I write that and 4.6 stars in 163 ratings agree.

3x 0.5kg makes widiwitt 1.5kg! / Gıantarm Pla Filament

What I think is great (unfortunately this cannot be taken for granted) is that GIANTARM includes resealable zip-lock bags. So you can seal the filament residues airtight or moisture-tight. You should also store the leftovers in a UV-protected place.

Three ziplocks for the three filaments / Gıantarm Pla Filament

When unpacking, it is best to remember not to throw away the silicon balls, but pack them directly in the closed zip-lock bag and add the filament later. Otherwise the filament can become brittle and/or the printed image just looks stupid.

Do not throw away silicon balls in the bag. / Gıantarm Pla Filament

By the way, my current favorite is unfortunately not that cheap this time – it is a purple-silver mix that simply bangs in with the right light. I love the filament!

I love the purple silver filament! (and subtle surreptitious advertising for / Gıantarm Pla Filament

But of course you have to print a bench, heat tower, etc. here too, so that you get the best print image. With the purple filament, e.g. B. the silver pigments for a little more volume, so you have to reduce the flow factor a bit. But not too much, otherwise your Thanos (see below) will look kind of full of holes.

Snap Fingers: Too little flow. It also looks kinda cool! / Gıantarm Pla Filament

A little while ago I also released a small YouTube video on the subject of “Filament” – if you like you can take a look at it. Even then I emphasized the Geeetech filament because of the quality and surprise: Geeetech is behind GIANTARM PLA Filament.

If you’ve been in the 3D printing game for a while, then you know: bad filament can be really annoying. The 40-hour print breaks off after 30 hours due to a badly wound spool, the printed image looks lousy (the beginner blames the printer), the filament breaks through, the nozzle clogs – it’s just no fun.

For me, the GIANTARM PLA filament is simply a nobrainer that is now available again at a very good price (I don’t know for how long). Off for it!

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