Best price: ROIDMI EVA Review – Eva 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner for 552€ from EU warehouse

ROIDMI EVA Review (Robot Vacuum) Simultaneous vacuuming and wiping not only saves time, the ROIDMI EVA also cleans really well! And the price has meanwhile fallen sharply: With the voucher GKB11ANNI1 you can now get your EVA for €552 at Geekbuying from the EU warehouse. Even if not the best price, a good deal for the vacuum cleaner.

  • Voucher: GKB11ANNI1
  • Rotating mops
  • Carpet Detection + Carpet Boost
  • suction function

ROIDMI EVA Review, Specs & Price

With the ROIDMI EVA you get almost everything that is available on the market. Simultaneous vacuuming and wiping with rotating mops, but also a suction station that cleans it at the same time. A new player in the top vacuum robot segment?

ROIDMI EVA Review, Specs & Price below:

  • Specifications: ROIDMI EVA compared to Dreame W10
suction power3,200 pa4,000 pa
navigationLaser distance sensor + ToF sensorVia laser distance sensor
apartmentXiaomi Home ( Android , iOS ) | ROIDMI App ( AndroidiOS )Xiaomi Home ( Android , iOS )
volume58, 61, 64, 69 dB with increasing suction level (four levels)55, 57, 60, 66 dB with increasing suction level (four levels)
dust chamber/water tankno specification | no water tank needed0.45 l / no water tank required
work surface>150 m² (depending on the apartment/house)>150 m² (depending on the apartment/house)
battery pack5200mAh6400mAh
Dimensions33cm x 33cm x 10.6cm33.4 x 31.4 x 10.55 cm
gradients25°, up to 2 cm25°, up to 2 cm
CE markYesYes
featuresselective room division (each room can be controlled individually with wiping and/or vacuuming)
Voice control via Amazon Alexa (Smart Home)
Rotating mops with 180 revolutions per minute + 12 N pressure
Carpet detection + carpet boostsuction function
selective room division (each room can be controlled individually with wiping and/or vacuuming)
Voice control via Amazon Alexa (Smart Home)Rotating mops with 180 revolutions per minute + 10 N pressureCarpet detection + carpet boost

ROIDMI as a company is no stranger to us. Not only were they early with their NEX cordless vacuum cleaners with wiping functions, they also have the good value for money vacuum robot ROIDMI EVE with suction station in their portfolio. At the same time, they also operate in the Xiaomi ecosystem, which is probably well known here.

Scope Of Delivery

Vacuum robots often only come with the basic package contents, but the ROIDMI EVA comes with a number of accessories and wearing parts.

  • ROIDMI EVA with cleaning & suction station + pre-assembled side brush and mops
  • Two mops, a side brush & four spare dust bags
  • Two replacement filters
  • a cleaning brush

As with the Dreame W10, there is no cleaning fluid included and again it is probably not advisable to use one. I think it’s good that some of the consumables are included here.

Design & Processing

With the ROIDMI EVA, you have more of a classic vacuum robot in terms of design, even if you deviate a little from the shape here. Instead of a circular shape, here we have a square with rounded corners. The tower for navigation via LDS sits on top of the vacuum robot and on the underside we find the unusually small suction shaft and the two mops.


In the 3-in-1 suction and cleaning station, the ROIDMI EVA finds its place in a kind of garage. On the upper half of the front sits a display with a small screen and flashing icons for status messages. Above that are buttons that are used to interact with the station.


ROIDMI does not have to hide from the competition in terms of processing quality and delivers here. The plastic used is of high quality and connecting parts such as the mops are easy to attach.

Navigation & sensors

Two sensors should ensure smooth navigation. Firstly, the classic LDS sensor on the top, which scans the room and can thus get a good impression of the room. In addition, there is another ToF sensor on the front. Additional sensors on the underside prevent falling down stairs and enable carpet detection. Of course, there is also the contact bumper on the front.


The ROIDMI EVA finds its way around well in space and has sensible and reliable route planning. The outline of the room is recognized correctly and the robot follows it cleanly. Only glass doors bother him, which is more the norm for vacuum robots .. However, cables, flat and ramp-like objects are still a problem for him, because despite the additional sensor, he does not reliably avoid them. It’s a pity, but this can possibly be improved with software updates.

Too high for the EVA, but unfortunately it does not recognize this. / ROIDMI EVA Review

However, the carpet recognition, which is responsible for two things, is very good. On the one hand, it increases the suction power on carpets so that it is only used there and a lower, but still sufficient level can be selected for hard floors. Of course, while the ROIDMI EVA is mopping, you don’t want to see it on carpets. As soon as the vacuum cleaning robot detects a carpet, it only moves the part that is responsible for the suction function on it and then moves back. At least the outer edges of the carpet are vacuumed, but at the same time are not soaked by the wiping function.

Working Method

ROIDMI EVA Review / As with the Dreame W10, the clear highlight here is the wiping function . Two mops are used here, which rotate at 180 revolutions per minute and exert pressure on the floor with up to 12 N. The increased pressure and friction compared to conventional wiping functions should enable better cleaning of the floor.

Before cleaning

Before the cleaning starts, the ROIDMI EVA washes the mops through once. Because just like similar models, it does not have its own water tank. This means that the EVA has to return to the cleaning station after a set period of time. You can choose between 6, 9 and 12 minutes, here you deviate from the Dreame W10, for example , which defines the interval in m². I can’t really say whether one or the other system is better, in the end it comes down to the same thing.


Before cleaning, you only need to be able to roughly estimate how dirty the floor is. For example, if the EVA cleans you regularly anyway, the 12-minute mode will probably be sufficient. With a lot of people, like in our office, you should go down to 6 or 9 minutes.

During cleaning

When looking at the result of the wipe function of the ROIDMI EVA, I notice many parallels to the competitor model from Dreame. Both clean the floor well and also deal with smaller stains quite well. When it comes to very heavily dried-in stains , they reach their limits. For some stubborn dirt you have to do it yourself, even if this is clearly the exception.

Also not ideal is the absorption of large amounts of liquids, at a certain point the floor mops are at their physical limit and there is no waste water tank in the vacuum cleaning robot where the liquid could go. But even with these limitations, the ROIDMI EVA does its job well. A look at the floor and the waste water tank shows how much the EVA is still scrubbing off the floor.


A vacuum cleaning robot would of course be incomplete without the associated suction function. With 3200 pa suction power, the EVA is a little weaker than its direct competitor, the Dreame W10, and the suction shaft is also smaller. In terms of performance, however, it can keep up in most scenarios without any problems.


Most of it is vacuumed up on hard floors, only isolated dirt remains. On carpets, it depends on the type of it. Long-pile carpets simply need the suction power and here you cannot count on a complete cleaning, at least in the first pass. But it looks better with the short-piled ones, since it can absorb the individual impurities better.


ROIDMI states a coverage of up to 200 m². In my test, we came to 150 m² in the office with a fully charged battery , but ROIDMI’s number doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong. If you set the cleaning of the mops to 12 minutes, then of course you also reduce the distances that the vacuum robot has to travel back again. In this way you can cover a significantly larger area. But even if your floor is that big, the ROIDMI can also charge and then continue cleaning, but then the water tank must be completely filled before cleaning. The EVA needed an hour and 30 minutes to clean a 100 m² area.

After cleaning

As soon as the ROIDMI EVA has finished the cleaning process, it goes back to the charging station. There, the dust chamber is first sucked off . Dust bags are used here to store dirt, some of which are included in the scope of delivery.


If you already know the ROIDMI EVE Plus, you could assume that they might use the same dust bags and you could therefore access the already large range of replacement bags. Unfortunately, that is not the case, but at least I have a legitimate reason, because the dust bags are larger on the EVA.

You could certainly use the one from the EVE Plus, since the opening itself is the same, but it’s not optimal. But hopefully they will be represented in a similarly wide range at the time of publication. It should also be noted here that such an extraction station is quite loud at 84 dB. So if you have skittish pets or small children who may be sleeping, you should pay attention to this.

After the suction, the mop cleaning starts again and rinses it through. So that they don’t just dry out wet, there is also a blower here. Hot air isn’t advertised here and it doesn’t seem particularly warm either, but it still dries the mops. As with the competition, this takes time and can last several hours. However, since the fan is very quiet and only really noticeable in the immediate vicinity, this is not a problem.


ROIDMI EVA Review – But even if a lot is already automated here, you still have to do it yourself. For one, there is a 4l waste water tank that needs to be emptied and the 4l fresh water tank also needs fresh water on a regular basis. Thanks to the extraction station, you definitely won’t have a problem with it for a longer period of time, but depending on how dirty you have to go there again after a month.

From time to time the cleaning plate, which is located at the bottom of the cleaning station, also needs to be cleaned. But since you can simply take them out and rinse them under the tap, that’s not really a problem. If you then occasionally wipe the sensors, you are actually done with the regular maintenance.

Map Creation & App

Two smartphone apps are available. You can use the Xiaomi Home ( Android, iOS ) or ROIDMI app ( AndroidiOS ). At the time of testing, only support for the Chinese servers was available, but it should work without any problems on the European servers when the market launches.


Before the first cleaning trip, the vacuum robot first drives over your home and draws up the floor plan of the map. You will then see a map in the app, which already contains the subdivisions of the individual rooms. If this does not suit you or is not quite correct, you can then adjust it in the app. There are also numerous limitation options available to you in the app, such as virtual walls or restricted zones. So you can adapt the map of the vacuum robot to your needs.


If you use the ROIDMI EVA on several floors, you can have several maps created. So the vacuum robot does not have to create a new card every time. However, one has to say at this point that I would not want to drag the entire cleaning station up or down a floor. But if you only carry the robot up to vacuum and then down again, the function makes sense.

In addition to the map, there are other settings and functions available in the app. Here you can select or deselect the carpet detection . With the EVA, however, these are activated by default. Regular cleaning is also possible.


ROIDMI EVA Review – When the ROIDMI EVA was announced, I already thought that the model could be a hit. The overall package is simply good and currently unbeaten. However, not everything is positive. I am disappointed by the lack of 3D recognition. That doesn’t make the navigation bad, especially since the reliable LDS turret is of course included, but the expectation was higher there. I am very satisfied with the cleaning result of the suction and wiping functions, they can also reach their limits, but the majority of them are really very good here.

ROIDMI EVA Review – Then, of course, there is the price to make a final judgement. After crowdfunding, the RRP is $999, which translates to ~880€ . That’s not too far removed from the Dreame W10 , which is on par with the EVA in many ways but lacks the suction function . Here the suction function is a clear plus point for the ROIDMI .

ROIDMI EVA Review – Now we are only talking about the RRP, which is probably only called up in very few cases, and now in crowdfunding you can get the “Super Early Bird” level for €661 in the best case or you have the “normal” level for €705. No question, the concerns about crowdfunding are justified, but you can also grab a bargain here. Because for me the question of whether to buy the Dreame W10 or ROIDMI EVA is already clarified. In many ways it reminds me of the ROIDMI EVE Plus, which was a similar price-performance hit with its extraction station.


  • Rotating mops for a better cleaning result
  • Self-cleaning of the mops
  • Extensive smartphone app
  • Fan drying prevents mold/odours
  • Suction function to empty the dust chamber


  • 3D recognition to be expected in the price range
  • Suction function with dust bag only

Buy recommendation

ROIDMI EVA Review / Dreame’s competitor is a strong model in this new category of robotic vacuum cleaners, but it should brace itself in March at the latest when the ROIDMI EVA appears. True competition in terms of functionality comes in April with models from ECOVACS and Roborock, but they also cost twice as much. So the final recommendation is, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaning robot and can wait until March or later, go for the ROIDMI EVA.

In any case, I am curious to see how the product field of vacuum cleaning robots will develop this year. ROIDMI EVA Review..

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