Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2 for €29.92 – Practical gadget for cyclists

Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2 Review: The air pump is currently available from DHGate for €29.92 with the VIPJULY10OFF voucher. We asked DHGate and the “stock in DE” should be correct and the shipping should be from Germany.

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Highlights of Xiaomi Mijia Air Pump 2:

  • Faster inflation compared to its predecessor
  • Better efficiency

One of the most popular Xiaomi products apart from smartphones is getting a new edition. Xiaomi has introduced a new version of the electric air pump for bicycles and car tires and we got a chance to try it.

Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2 Review, Specs & Price

  • Differences from the first version

The first model of the electric air pump was launched in 2019. Since then there has already been a minimally adapted new edition with the 1S version 2021, which has retained the design. The now officially second version of the gadget also looks exactly like the original model, at least at first glance, and will probably completely replace it and the 1S variant.

As for the differences, the air pump is now slightly larger, actually about 5mm wider and taller, has larger vents and a hose that is about 2cm longer. In addition, the LED on the top, which can be used as a “flashlight”, is larger and brighter. The battery capacity and maximum air pressure are unchanged, only the efficiency has been improved, so that you can pump up more tires with one battery charge.

In the following we will go into the various applications, which tires can be inflated with the Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2 and what you have to consider. If you already know the first model and know what the compressor does, then you can jump straight to the conclusion. There are a few small changes, but it’s essentially the same product. There are no new functions; it’s simply a re-imagining of a proven “gadget”.

How does an electric air pump work?

Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2: What can you imagine under the term? When it comes to air pumps, one usually thinks of operation by hand or less often by foot. Strictly speaking, this is a compressor. The air is compressed, creating pressure that is released to the tire through the valve. The whole thing is done with electrical energy, which is why a battery is installed in the device. There are also compressors or electric air pumps without a battery that require a power connection. But there are also many other models with a battery, Xiaomi did not invent the principle.

xiaomi mijia air pump 2Pin
Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2

With its own version of such an air pump, Xiaomi has already done a few things differently in 2019 than comparable manufacturers. The design certainly comes first. While other devices look like tools (which they are) and rarely bother to look good, the Xiaomi model is almost like an iPod with its circular control panel and display above it.

In addition, it is comparatively compact and no larger than a smartphone, just significantly thicker. In theory, the air pump fits in your pocket (ok, depends a lot on the pants), but it is too heavy with a weight of 490 g. Of course, you can transport them in a backpack on a bike tour or even easier in the glove compartment in the car.

As with the last version, both bicycle tires and car tires can be inflated with the air pump. All vehicle sizes in between, i.e. scooters, e-scooters or motorcycles are of course also possible. Soccer balls, basketballs, etc. can also be inflated using a special attachment.

What does n’t work, or at least isn’t planned, are larger volumes, for example in air mattresses or inflatable beach toys. Firstly, there is no corresponding attachment for this, secondly, this type of compressor is not really designed for it. Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2:

Packaging And Accessories

White cardboard, Mi Home logo, the most important product information – just Xiaomi. However, the air pump that we are testing here is the Chinese version. If there is an international version, the design of the packaging could change slightly. The Mi Home logo should then give way to the Mi logo, which was the case with the last version. There is also English text.

xiaomi mijia air pump 2Pin
Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2

In our case, the complete caption is in Chinese. Those who order the air pump in China will also receive this version. This also applies to the accompanying operating instructions, which contain a few pictures, but are otherwise rather difficult to decipher if you cannot read Mandarin.

Real accessories include a cloth pouch and three hose attachments. The bag has room for the air pump and a small sewn-in pocket to house the various valves.

xiaomi mijia air pump 2Pin
Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2

The tube fits on an ordinary bicycle valve, the first attachment then also fits on a car valve or a French valve (Sclaverand). The long, needle-like attachment fits into the valve of a soccer ball and other balls. A new feature on this model is an attachment with a quick coupling.


Using the air pump is very easy. The U-shaped hose is only firmly attached to the device on the right side, the other end is simply plugged in. The display turns on automatically when you pull out the hose. Settings can then be made using the buttons (the “circle” consists of four individual buttons). On the right you can switch between some preset modes.

  • Bike rated at 45 PSI/3.1 bar
  • 35 PSI/2.4 bar scooter
  • Car with 36 PSI / 2.5 bar
  • Electric scooter with 50 PSI/3.4 bar
  • Basketball with 8 PSI/ 0.6 bar

All settings are only approximate guide values. The desired value can then be adjusted using the buttons at the top and bottom. How much pressure a tire needs can be read on the outside of the tire; in the case of the car, it is also in the vehicle documents. Especially with bicycles, the values ​​differ greatly, with a racing bike it is sometimes 8 bar. The air pump can generate a maximum of 150 PSI or 10.3 bar of pressure.

xiaomi mijia air pump 2Pin
Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2

If you want to use a different valve, you can simply screw one of the attachments included at the end of the hose. If you only need the attachment for the car valve, you can also leave it screwed on – the hose still fits in the slot with the attachment.

Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2 – As soon as you screw the tube onto the valve, the display also shows the pressure already in the tire. In case of doubt, the device can also be used to simply check the tire pressure. From then on you can also adjust the desired pressure. You start pumping it up with the big button in the middle. As soon as you press it, the compressor starts to work, which is relatively loud (don’t be alarmed) and also causes the device to vibrate strongly.

The process takes a different amount of time, depending on the size of the tire and the pressure difference – logically. If only 0.2 bar is missing in the bicycle tire, it takes less than 20 seconds, but an almost flat car tire takes several minutes.


Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2 – The LED on the top of the air pump can be switched on using the left button. Pressing the button turns the light on, pressing it a second time makes it flash in the SOS rhythm, and pressing it again turns it off again. The light is helpful at night or in a dark cellar to find the valve more easily. The SOS function is a bit more special.

It is questionable whether it can really attract enough attention after an accident – if you even think about it or are able to switch it on. But having the option doesn’t hurt and in general many manufacturers build this into their devices, even LEDs in power stations often have an SOS mode. (Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2)

Faster than its predecessor

Adjusting the pressure in a bicycle tire usually takes only a few seconds. Of course it depends on how full the tire is already, but you’re done quickly here. It’s a little different with car tires, it can take a few minutes here. Xiaomi states that it should now take 8 instead of 11 minutes (in the previous model) for an empty tire. Mind you, with an empty tyre, that too is rather the exception.

xiaomi mijia air pump 2Pin
Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2

The battery should be sufficient for up to 10 car tires instead of the previous 8 in the 1S model. The capacity has remained the same, but the efficiency is said to have improved by 25%. In fact, the new model loads tires a little faster, even if the difference is hardly significant, especially with bicycle tires. The battery level is shown on the display. Ideally, you don’t let it completely discharge in the first place, but always charge it in good time so that you can always be sure of being able to charge the tires in an emergency. (Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2)

Upgrade especially for motorists

It looks like the new model is a similar upgrade to the 2021 1S version. Even then, only the efficiency was improved compared to the first model from 2019 – but significantly back then, because the first version was only suitable for car tires to a limited extent. So it is still true that the new model should only be worthwhile if you want to use it for the car. Cyclists still ride well with the previous models. It is also not certain when we will be able to buy the air pump at all. It is currently only available in the Chinese version. / Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2.

Since the price is usually over €40, the 1S version is even better. I would only recommend the new model if the price should drop here and the air pump is available for well under €40. The 2 version will probably replace the 1S version anyway and you will only be able to buy that in the future. Xiaomi Mijia air pump 2..

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