Soundcore Motion X600 Speakers With Spatial Audio For €149.99

The Soundcore Motion X600 is a new Bluetooth speaker that is equipped with an additional full-range speaker on the top of the housing and AI spatial audio, which generates virtual surround sound from every stereo soundtrack.

Soundcore Motion X600 Review, Specs & Photos

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The Soundcore Motion X600 comes with a USB-C charging cable, an AUX cable and a user manual. As is always the case with Bluetooth headphones and speakers, you won’t find a power plug.

soundcore motion x600Pin
Soundcore Motion X600


In terms of size, the Soundcore Motion X600, with dimensions of 30 x 8.1 x 12 cm, is somewhere between the Soundcore Motion Boom and Soundcore Motion+ . Compared to the older models in the Motion series, the X600 is fancier in terms of looks and materials. The loudspeaker is available in three different colors and is partly made of plastic, but also largely made of metal.

soundcore motion x600Pin
Soundcore Motion X600

In terms of weight, the speaker weighs just under 2 kg, so it’s not a lightweight. To make it easy to transport despite its weight, Soundcore has equipped it with a practical metal carrying handle. It’s more filigree than the Soundcore Motion Boom and Boom Plus, which I like better. However, a carrying handle can probably never be integrated into a design in a really “beautiful” way.

soundcore motion x600Pin
Soundcore Motion X600

Personally, I see the Soundcore Motion X600 more as an indoor speaker or for the terrace or balcony, while the other speakers in the Motion series are more like real outdoor speakers. Nevertheless, the Soundcore Motion X600 is also protected against water with IPX7. It also looks good in the bathroom, for example.

In terms of material and workmanship I have nothing to complain about. The speaker is made of high-quality material and has no production defects whatsoever, which should go without saying for a speaker costing €200.

Sound of the Soundcore Motion X600

The manufacturer specifies the overall performance of the Soundcore Motion X600 as 50 wattsA total of five speakers are installed. Two tweeters, two mid-woofers, a passive membrane on the back and the aforementioned speaker on the top of the case. This ensures that the sound is much more spatial than is the case with a normal Bluetooth speaker of this size.

soundcore motion x600Pin
Soundcore Motion X600

The spatial audio mode amplifies this effect noticeably again. Loyal China Gadgets fans may still remember the spatial sound of the JKR KR-1000. The Soundcore Motion X600 beats it by far.

soundcore motion x600Pin

The loudspeaker is extraordinarily defined in the treble,  even better than the Soundcore Motion+ and delivers a distortion-free sound image even at high volume. In terms of bass, it is a bit more withdrawn than the Soundcore Motion Boom , but in relation to the size of the housing the sound is good in this area too.

Overall, I quite like the sound of the Soundcore Motion X600 It’s defined, spacious, with a solid low end.I really enjoy the spatial sound here. Actually, I’m rather skeptical when it comes to AI-supported sound modification, I don’t think it makes sense, especially with wireless in-ears. I would like to hear the original stereo mix, which a sound engineer also thought about during the mastering.

However, since stereo effects are washed out with a solo speaker anyway, I find the spatial audio, which models a 3-way signal from the stereo signal, to be successful with this speaker in combination with the speaker on the top, the sound has so much more depth and space than the Soundcore Motion X600 is large.


While the Soundcore Motion+ is equipped with aptX, the Bluetooth 5.3 module in the X600 masters Sony’s LDAC codec. This enables a higher bandwidth. In addition, the speaker is Hi-Res and Hi-Res wireless certified. In the test, the Soundcore Motion X600 delivered a good Bluetooth range of around 1.5 meters in an open area . It’s slightly less indoors, depending on how massive the obstacles to be overcome are.

soundcore motion x600Pin
Soundcore Motion X600

In addition to wireless music playback via Bluetooth, the speaker is also equipped with a 3.5 mm AUX connection , which is hidden next to the USB-C charging connection behind a rubber cap on the back. It’s nice that Soundcore also implements a wired playback option here, which you have to do without with the Soundcore Motion Boom, for example.

Operation & App

The speaker is equipped with a row of control buttons on the top, with which the common functions can be performed. In addition to the labeled functions, a double tap on the Play/Pause button selects the next track and a triple tap selects the previous track.

The speaker is also integrated into the Soundcore app ( Android / iOS ) . The functions are relatively poor. Soundcore is primarily promoting the Pro EQ equalizer here. This enables finer tuning of the individual frequency ranges than is the case with the Soundcore Standard EQ. There are also a few standard functions, such as updating the firmware.

Battery & Runtime

The Soundcore Motion X600 is equipped with a 6400 mAh battery . Soundcore specifies the runtime as 12 hours , this value was probably measured with the standard AAC codec and at 50% volume. With a mixed volume of 50%-70% and using the LDAC codec, I was able to achieve a lower runtime of 8 to 9 hours in the test. So you can get through a working day in any case.


For me, the Soundcore Motion X600 is a really nice Bluetooth speaker, both visually and haptically. I can imagine it very well in a modern furnished apartment, for example in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on the terrace. It simply makes a lot more than the other speakers in the Motion series.

soundcore motion x600Pin
Soundcore Motion X600 Speakers

Soundcore is breaking new ground with this model and, after the in-ear area, is also trying its hand at loudspeakers with AI-based audio modificationIn my opinion, this has been done quite well and the spaciousness and fullness that the speaker emits cannot be seen from its appearance. I’m a little disappointed with the app functions, the Pro-EQ is a nice feature, but I have the feeling that Soundcore has gotten a lot more out of the app with other products with smart additional functions.


  • Materials & Processing
  • IPX7 water protection
  • LDAC codec
  • AUX port


  • App functionality
  • No bargain

With the innovation, however, the price also comes into play and the Soudcore Motion X600 is the most expensive speaker in the Motion series at a regular price of €199. Currently, however, the price has been reduced to €149 and if you are still looking for a brilliant-sounding loudspeaker for the summer that does not have to be hidden in the apartment, then you can get weak here.

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