Dreame L10s Pro test: cleaning function from the top model for €399.99 at Amazon

After the massive success with the L10s Ultra, Dreame brings the little brother of the top model. The Dreame L10s Pro brings the essential suction and wiping systems of the currently best vacuum robot with it. You have to do without the cleaning station. A good compromise?

Dreame L10s Pro Test

  • Dreame L10s ProTechnical specifications
Dreame L10s Pro
suction power5300 though
NavigationLaser room measurement +  object recognition
AppXiaomi Home (AndroidiOSund Dreame Home (Android | iOS)
battery pack5200mAh
dust chamber &
water tank
0.45l / 0.19l
volume54, 57, 60, 62 dB with increasing suction level
Duration160 minutes vacuuming + mopping
Weight3,7 kg
Dimensions35,0 x 35,0 x 9,7 cm
gradientsup to 2 cm, 20°
FeaturesMopping function with non-wiping zones and rotating mops
Liftable mops to avoid wet carpets
selective room division (specific control of rooms)
Mapping with multiple map storage (storey storage)
Carpet detection (increases suction power)
object detection
Dreame L10s Pro

It was actually only a matter of time before the next Dreame vacuum robot model came onto the market. Instead of outperforming their own top model, the L10s Ultra, they now take a step back and offer a slimmed down version with a more attractive price tag.

Scope Of Delivery

In the scope of delivery of the Dreame L10s Pro we get everything that is needed to operate the vacuum-mopping robot. There is the vacuum robot and the charging station. This is classically relatively small, has a power plug, but unfortunately no way to sort the cable.

dreame l10s proPin
Dreame L10s Pro

You get a side brush and two mopping pads. So you have everything you need, but not more. At least one protective mat for the floor could have been included.

Navigation at the top level?

Basically, the navigation is a similar system to the ultra vacuum robot, but with slight modifications. As is now standard, the LiDAR navigation is located on the top, which can measure the room.

dreame l10s proPin
Dreame L10s Pro

In addition, there is object recognition based on structured 3D light, which allows smaller objects to be recognized at the front. The key difference here is the lack of AI support. In practice, therefore, there is no automatic recognition of living spaces, as the L10s Ultra does in our kitchen, for example. Nevertheless, the vacuum robot reliably detects obstacles in front of it and avoids them.

Suction & wiping performance from vacuum robot no. 1

There is good news for the suction and wiping function. Here, too, the strong 5300 pa suction power is used , which delivered top results in our L10s Ultra test. The associated roller is used again here. As expected, the L10s Pro is on par with the top model and offers the best suction power on carpets and hard floors in our tests. So that the vacuum robot does not have to constantly run at full suction power, there is a carpet detection system that automatically increases the power and then shuts it down as soon as a carpet is detected.

However, there is a shortcoming when vacuuming, because there is no automatic detection of the filling level of the dust chamber. In this way, the vacuum robot keeps driving, even if nothing else fits in. So you have to empty it regularly.

The rotating mops are also available, which the wiping robot can lift by 7 mm. Carpets can also be crossed with the attached mops. Since there is no suction or cleaning station here, a larger water tank must be installed here. This contains a capacity of 190 ml and ensures wet mops. Big is a bit of an exaggeration here though, as first impressions are definitely how tiny the thing looks.

dreame l10s proPin
Dreame L10s Pro

But the first impression is deceptive and the water tank was able to supply the robot with water for 90 m² or 85 minutes in our test , even on the medium cleaning level. However, you have to remember that you should wash the mops yourself before cleaning, which is of course more convenient with the L10s Ultra . The water tank should be sufficient for many households. If you have larger areas, you either have to refill water manually or use the Ultra model. Thanks to the advanced wiping technology with the rotating wiping pads, even stubborn stains can be removed from the wiping robot.

dreame l10s proPin
Dreame L10s Pro

Similar to the big brother, three wiping levels can also be selected here. The lowest and medium levels are usually sufficient for normal cleaning, you should only switch to the damp level if it is very dirty.

Since you don’t have an automatic cleaning station, you have to keep in mind that the mops don’t get rid of the dirt in between during the cleaning. Depending on how dirty your household is, a poorer result could be achieved despite the same wiping technique. You also have to take action yourself and remove the mops after cleaning and then wash and dry them. There is also no protective mat for the floor, which is why you buy one here and place it under the charging station or quickly exchange the mops.

Choice from Xiaomi Home & Dreamehome app

The Dreamehome & Xiaomi Home App is used again as the control center . In the meantime, the in-house app control is the preferred choice of the manufacturer and there were some exclusive features in it. In the app you will find your card, which you can also adjust afterwards. Different rooms can be customized and created , or you can use restricted zones (no-go zones) and virtual walls to cordon off certain areas.

Different suction intensities and wiping modes can be selected here. Of course, there are also schedules for planning cleaning processes. Alternatively, you can also communicate with the mopping robot via the language assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri (Dreamehome exclusive).

There is no camera function like the Dreame L10s Ultra offers. Dreame L10s Pro

Conclusion: Savings potential if there is no cleaning station

Dreame recently took 1st place on our leaderboard and now brings a more budget friendly alternative. You have to do without a suction and cleaning station. But you get the same suction power and the wiping function works in principle the same. Due to the lack of regular cleaning during the wiping process, you have to live with limitations here. The navigation goes in a similar direction, but comes without AI support. However, in practice this does not even matter that much.

The Dreame L10s Pro mopping robot has been available since October 25, 2022 and costs €599.90 in the RRP. As usual with Dreame, it is already on sale and can often be purchased for ~460€. Even the top model is often on sale for around €899, which means we still have enormous savings here. It is a pity that there is no possibility to upgrade here afterwards, unfortunately you have to decide for or against a cleaning station when you buy it.

Direct competition & purchase recommendation

The direct competitor here is of course again the Roborock S7 MaxV, but this time in the “normal” version. It wasn’t cheaper than €570, so you’re right below it. There’s no question the S7 MaxV is a great model and it’s not without reason that it gets praise and scores well in all tests.

However, the wiping technology lags behind there and Dreame is currently one step ahead when it comes to suction power. A clear advantage of the S7 MaxV is the upgrade option by buying the extraction station or the ultra cleaning station later. Disappointingly, Dreame doesn’t have that option and you have to make a choice beforehand.


  • Suction and wiping performance at a very high level
  • Reliable navigation with object recognition
  • Very good value for money


  • No possibility to buy a suction or cleaning station
  • Mop drying could have been solved better

With the Dreame L10s Pro you have another successful model, which is more affordable for many. Of course, this vacuum-mopping robot doesn’t cost a lot either, but you get enough top features from the Ultra model to justify this price. If you are looking for the best model for mopping and vacuuming in the price range under €500, you are currently in the right place.

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