Safe made of clamping blocks (with real lock) – “CaDA Combination Safe C71006W”

CaDA Combination Safe C71006W Review, Specs: After I liked the safe right away, I was able to assemble the set myself. In fact, the mechanism/lock works and the safe locks and cannot be opened (unless disassembled) without the correct code.

This clamping block set consisting of 442 parts lets you build a safe with a working combination lock. Of course, there is also a compartment behind it where you can store your valuables.

CaDA Combination Safe C71006W Review, Specs

  • From the designer of the CaDA solar system

I’ve said it like a hundred times, but my absolute favorite set of clamping blocks is the CaDA solar system. Fully mechanized with accurate representation of the Earth’s rotation and the months, seasons and phases of the moon. I’ve never seen such a creative and really educational set, and it’s not even expensive.

To my delight, the designer of the solar system, together with CaDA, has now released another set that goes in a completely different direction, but could be just as exciting: A safe with a real, adjustable combination lock made entirely of building blocks.

It’s the inner values ​​that count

Externally, the safe has a rather antique design and has a few ornaments, especially on the front. He already looks chic with that, but the rest of the disguise is rather unexciting. Well, it’s just a safe, and it’s supposed to be functional rather than pretty. The highlight here is clearly the mechanism, while as an exhibit in the showcase it may not appeal to everyone.

combination safePin
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

The safe is approximately cube-shaped and has dimensions of 14.7 x 11.8 x 11.5 cm when fully assembled. It consists of a total of 442 parts, which is still quite clear compared to many other sets (especially from the CaDA Master series). As always, instructions are included for the assembly, which, in addition to the individual steps for assembly, also contains additional information about the lock and safes in general.

Experience has shown that the booklets in these sets are always beautifully designed and with the additional content also offers added value compared to a simple guide. Even with the solar system, the printed text was only available in English and Chinese, which we assumed was the case here and was also confirmed when the packaging was opened.

CaDA Combination Safe C71006W / As already mentioned, the highlight here is the combination lock. Since, like the rest of the set, it consists entirely of clamping blocks and there is not much space here, the lock alone takes up almost half of the space in the safe. This can be clearly seen in the pictures.

combination safePin
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

However, it is not clear how exactly the mechanism works. According to the description, however, there is a three-digit code that you have to enter by rotating the wheel in order to open the safe. After reading the explanation, it is not clear to me whether this code can also be adapted or is predetermined by the construction. A customizable code would of course be even more impressive, but even without this feature it’s still a very fancy feature in a €40 set.

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CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

If the lock is unlocked, the entire inner box can be pulled out. In the rear part there is a small compartment in which the items worth protecting can be stowed away. Needless to say, a plastic safe made of nubs doesn’t offer the protection of a “real” safe – don’t leave cash or family heirloom jewelry here.

Field report: structure and function

The set comes in a very robust box, as we know it from all Master Series models. The mechanism is already shown in a few small pictures, but not much can be seen and the packaging is rather unspectacular overall. But more important is what’s inside, so let’s take a look inside.

combination safePin
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

Here we find a variety of different bags with the stones and one with the instructions. In addition to the individual construction steps, there are a few drawings of the safe and the lock on the first pages as well as a double page with general facts about mechanical safes. As expected, the text here is exclusively Chinese or English.

The construction is then relatively simple, a large part is the construction of the housing of the safe. However, it is interesting to gradually find out how the lock works. You can try out the mechanism before you have finished building the model.

The safe is a bit smaller than I expected but fits the stated dimensions. I should have read that more carefully. The compartment in which you can then hide something measures just 5.5 x 8 x 7 cm. The castle is in front of it.

The “number code”, if you will, is fixed and cannot be adjusted. This is due to the construction of the castle. Which turns you have to do in which order is explained at the end of the instructions. Theoretically, you can exchange individual pins in the lock, which then means that the three wheels mesh differently and the “code” changes accordingly.

CaDA Combination Safe C71006W – If you do that, however, you should carefully test how to open the mechanism again, because: The lock works. If you don’t know the code, you can no longer open the safe without disassembling it. A second option to change the code is to rotate the wheel 90 or 180° on the front. The sequence of rotation remains the same, but the original numbers no longer lead to success.

combination safePin
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you can change the code or not. You won’t really hide valuables here anyway, and since nobody else in your area usually has the instructions, nobody knows the sequence of numbers either. What you can do to make the safe a little more secure would be to glue the stones (using superglue) instead of just sticking them in. Then the safe can no longer be opened without using force and it then fulfills its purpose for the secret hiding place in the children’s room.

A good set for sure

As unusual as the set is (because it almost doesn’t belong in the “toy” category anymore), I like it that much. CaDA has always impressed with the quality of the stones, and the Master Series in particular comes with a particularly robust box and beautifully designed instructions.

Anyone who is enthusiastic about the sometimes complicated mechanisms that are possible even with a few clamping blocks will be able to be enthusiastic about this safe with a lock – and at least that’s how it works. After the solar system, the designer has managed to come up with another insider tip for clamping block fans, because the highlight of this set is not so much the design, but the built-in mechanism. CaDA Combination Safe C71006W .

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