Offer: Simple watering system for plants (indoor) for only €19.49

Simple watering system for plants (indoor) Review: You can currently get the small irrigation system presented here from Cafago for €19.49. I love plants Not only do they ensure better air, they also beautify every room. But if, like me, you were born without a green thumb, they can sometimes be a bit time-consuming to look after. However , this simple, battery-powered watering system can at least simplify keeping it.

Simple watering system for plants (indoor) Review, Specs & Price

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This irrigation system is as simple as you can imagine, the basic principle is actually the same for each of these sets. In this case, the Cafago kit is available for 10 plants and includes the relative hoses, connectors, drip heads, access tubes and a control element. 10 – 20 plants are indicated, but since only 10 drip heads are included in the scope of delivery, we also assume only 10 plants. The hose is long enough to water other plants or to buy additional drip heads.

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Simple watering system for plants (indoor)

Basically, the structure is quite simple: each plant gets a drip head, this is connected to the other hoses with a hose, there are corresponding connectors for this, they all lead together to the control element, which in turn has a hose to a bucket or bottle of water. All you would need is a pair of scissors to fit as the hoses will need to be cut to size yourself. In their original form, these are about 10 meters long.

Only downside here, once you’ve installed the system, it’s hard to dismantle and rebuild. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the hoses have to be cut to an appropriate length, but on the other hand, it is also due to the fact that as soon as connectors, filters or drip heads are inserted into the hoses, they are extremely difficult to come off again and then the hose wears out. But at least speaks for a very leak-proof system!

The filter that sits in the water vessel also ensures that no dirt can clog the hoses. In addition, the pump would also be suitable for supplying air to an aquarium if you simply leave it in the air.

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Simple watering system for plants (indoor)

Control element with timer

After the setup, all you have to do is set the control element correctly. Of course, this also includes having everything connected correctly. The 10.5 x 2.9 x 2.4 cm pump shows the inlet and outlet of the water hoses. On the top there is a display and control element. You can also set the timer and the duration of the watering in hours and seconds.

The pump does not have a built-in battery, which limits the area of ​​application somewhat, but it is operated via USB-C – very nice! There is also a small sealing cap so that the connection is at least minimally protected against drops when you are not using it.

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Simple watering system for plants (indoor)

After the installation, you could start the irrigation system directly by double-clicking on the middle button. What surprised us: The pump plays a water sound while pumping. That was not only frightening, because unexpected and loud, but also a bit strange? In hindsight, it’s probably just meant as a signal that the pump is working, because the actual operation of the pump was surprisingly quiet.

Nothing new, but very useful

Of course, such an irrigation system is nothing new. But if you take a look at Amazon, the systems available here are usually more expensive, even if not as much as initially thought. So if you would like to try something cheap because you may only be away for a short time and do not want to burden anyone with this task, you can get a cheap set here for around 20 €, for up to 10 plants.

The pump power is definitely sufficient and maybe too much for smaller plants, you have to play around with the different settings to find the right one for your plants. It is definitely advantageous to put together plants of about the same size or at least those with similar water requirements.

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